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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Here’s how to get your next breakthrough and reignite your momentum…

Have you ever noticed how your greatest ideas come to you when you aren’t working?

Your breakthroughs come when you have space, yet space feels like the last thing we can have as successful women.

Truthfully, most women don’t know how to move fully into the position of CEO because they are too afraid of what will get left behind.

If you want to move beyond where you are, your priorities have to shift from task-focused toHere’s how to get your next breakthrough and reignite your momentum… vision-focused.

But your vision and the big picture creation can only happen when you are in rooms where it’s fostered.

Putting yourself in those rooms is non-negotiable if you want greater clarity and long-term success.

This is one of the reasons why mentorship works - it’s dedicated time where you are held accountable to development of your business.

The PowHER Retreat is a room where the bigger picture comes first.

I don’t see your business as just a business where you are earning income… I see it as a way you are crafting the legacy you will leave behind.

I see it as forging a path and lighting the way for the women in the generations that will follow you…

And when you keep yourself stuck, buried in tasks - you lessen your ripple.

It’s time now to prioritize YOU and growing your business without sacrificing yourself.

When you are established in your business and know that it’s time for you to truly be in your CEO role, a key component for your success is pouring into you as the woman who is leading this movement.

You cannot do your best work when you are stretched thin, burnt out and barely hanging on.

Come join other ambitious women, leaving decision-making and responsibilities at the door for an uplifting experience that will change the way you lead and live.

The connections are next-level, the conversations inspire new possibilities for growth and the perspectives from the brilliant minds of successful women are pure gold.

The PowHER Retreat is a 3 night experience on Siesta Key in Florida, steps away from the white sands of the #1 beach in the US.

This is where you get the vacation you’ve been wanting but felt too guilty to take, met with personal and professional development that will scale your business, elevate your leadership and expand your network.

May 11-14

Siesta Key, Florida

Included in your stay…

✔️All Drinks + Meals

✔️Branding Photoshoot w/Professional Makeup

✔️Private coaching Session

✔️Visualization + Healing Sessions

✔️Hot Seat Coaching

✔️Sunset Sound Bath

✔️Other Activities to Emphasize Connection & Growth

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.


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