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  • Kelsea Koenreich

You build to where you want to be by putting yourself there now.⁣

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

When I was training to compete in powerlifting, as we got closer to the meet the weights got heavier. ⁣I remember getting nervous about the numbers written on my training program because they were numbers I hadn’t done before.⁣

You’ve felt this in your business, when you write down your goals knowing it’s numbers you haven’t hit before…⁣But I wanted so badly to be stronger and continue to lift MORE, just like you have that desire to grow your business.⁣

So even though it was heavier than anything I’d lifted before, I did it anyway.⁣ Because when you want to lift more, you have to lift more.⁣⁣The only way to adapt to MORE is to give yourself the opportunity to HOLD MORE.⁣

If you want to grow a BIGGER business, you have to give yourself the opportunity to be in the room before you are ready.⁣ I put myself in a mastermind with millionaires because that’s where I’m headed.⁣

I don’t need to get there first to be in the room with them.⁣

Because I am them.⁣

You want to build your business to new levels of income and impact? ⁣

Put yourself around people who are doing it.⁣

When you put yourself in BEFORE you FEEL READY…⁣

  • You accelerate and move quicker towards your goals, so the income goal is in your bank account instead of a piece of paper.⁣

  • You learn to stand in your power regardless of external circumstances, making you a radiant leader that attracts dream clients.⁣

  • You actually become the version of yourself you’ve been waiting to be, giving you full confidence in every room you walk into.⁣

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.

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