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  • Kelsea Koenreich

The Honest Truth about Motherhood + being a CEO

Let's be honest, running a business and raising babies is HARD.

There have been countless times where I’ve had a tough day and unfortunately brought that into my conversations and interactions with my family.

As much as I am grateful to be able to move back and forth between work and mothering, it’s a dance that can easily stretch me thin.

I’m not a robot, and neither are you - so we have to let go of the idea that we can separate or suppress our emotions based upon the role we are playing.

(Especially because sometimes we are playing many at the same time.)

It’s not healthy and it’s not realistic, but stress and overwhelm is part of the path we’ve chosen.

I knew that choosing the path of creating change in the world both through my businesses and parenting would be one that would have challenges.

But I was tired of letting bad days with work be the reason why I yelled at my kids.

If you’re like me - we don’t like to settle, we always want to get better and we keep trying until it works.

And if you are overwhelmed, anxious and chronically stressed about work - your partner and kids will feel it.

There’s no way for us to turn emotions on and off like robots, but there are ways for us to better manage so that our time with our families isn’t tainted.

Instead of hopping from CEO to mom with no break - make some sort of time dedicated to the transition.

When you are having a day with big emotions, don’t distract yourself by throwing yourself deeper into work. Learn how to constructively express those emotions so they aren’t hindering your progress.

If your stress or overwhelm is constant, you need to get to the root and make some changes inside and outside the business so you can function at a higher level - this is where a mentor comes in.

You can’t actually remove stress from your life but what you can do is learn how to better manage stress with tools that make something earth shattering feel easier to handle. Take a look at what tools you have to work through stress and are you utilizing those tools?

Most of the times when I was emotionally reactive it was because I was overwhelmed, and the reason why I was overwhelmed is because I was trying to do too much or had said yes to too much. The good thing about this? You are responsible for what goes on your plate, the timelines you give people…and saying no.

Your family deserves the best version of you, so it’s time to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself how you are holding yourself back from being that version.

What are you normalizing in your day-to-day that doesn’t feel good anymore and when are you going to call in support for yourself like you give to other people?

It is a choice to live this way, and it’s a choice to say you will no longer settle for a life of reactivity, always working and putting yourself on the back burner.

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.


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