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"I don’t know that I will ever find the adequate words to describe working with Kelsea.  The best I can do, is call it is a universal, life changing, soul expanding, mind blowing, full body transformation. Literally, everything in my life has changed exponentially for the better.  I am building a business that is in full alignment with who I am at my core.  I am no longer sacrificing my health, my time and my relationships for a career. I am confidently serving and leading the women I work with. Kelsea helped me to see exactly who I am and the value I bring to those in my space.  She helped me reclaim my personal power, in a time that it felt nonexistent.  She pushed me with love. She held me without judgement. She allowed me to be myself and see the magic inside. I am living fully, in this beautiful, abundant life that I am building for myself, and it is 100% because I chose to work with Kelsea.” 

-Erin O’Quinn

A transformational experience for the business-owner who is deeply committed to her personal and professional growth. Inside private mentorship we walk together to transform the way you lead and live. This is where we expand who you are being, create strategy and steps that create expansion for the business, and co-create your unique path that inspires your legacy. Inside is a blend of powerful momentum creating actions with a new perspective that will change the trajectory of your business and invite you into a seat of power you haven't felt before.


✔️ You are a female founder, CEO or Boss Mom running a service and/or product-based company.⁣

✔️ You have a profitable business, bringing in 250k+ per year.⁣

✔️ You have current team members or employees in place.⁣

✔️ You are committed to long-term results and providing elite level client experiences.⁣

✔️ You are dedicated, devoted and passionate about your work and what you bring to the world.⁣

“Working with Kelsea was truly an amazing experience. I dug deeper into making sure I wasn't only building the business I wanted- but the life I wanted. I told her on our final call that at the moment I couldn't ever see myself retiring because it all was flowing so well. She's helped me build out my client path, step into my role as a leader, and explore things that interest me. A big goal was keeping the business in line with my life so that it never felt like I was giving up time with family to serve clients and vice versa- and I can say I reached that working with Kelsea. She cares deeply about her clients- and it's so obvious when working with her. If you are at all looking to see business success AND life success I highly recommend working with her - in whatever capacity you can find!”


  • In-person deep dive session to begin our journey for me to get a behind-the-scenes look at your business, leadership and life. We will spend the day together doing a full inventory of your day to day operations and how you are managing the weight of being a CEO to craft your unique plan forward into increased growth and decreased stress. ⁣

  • A spot at my PowHER Retreat in Siesta Key, FL for relaxation, rejuvenation and breakthroughs. You come together with 10 other ambitious CEO’s so that you can fill your cup with new friendships that will last a lifetime while getting collaborative coaching support from Kelsea and other successful women. This 3-night experience will change the way you live and lead forever.⁣

  • Two monthly virtual private calls where you are given support through obstacles, solutions are created to alleviate stress and prevent overwhelm so that you continue to grow and thrive as a CEO. Meaningful conversations where collaborative new ideas are formed and you are given the guidance to build out what’s next to move the needle in your business without sacrificing your well-being.⁣

  • Between call access for accountability, collaboration, questions that arise, and navigating through the changes that are being put in place so that you are leading with confidence and certainty. You are emotionally supported through the fear of putting new standards and boundaries in place that reduce your stress and overwhelm as you continue to rise. ⁣

*Because of the depth of this process I only accept 10 clients per year.⁣

Join other ambitious, driven women in business for a 3 night luxury retreat in Siesta Key, Florida where you will connect, transform and evolve into the most powerful version of yourself. This is where vacation meets business strategy to give you fun, play, and relaxation as you build momentum towards your bigger vision. 

"This experience blew my mind. It was far more than I could have imagined. Imagine entering into a group of women that maybe you know a little bit or are complete strangers, and becoming friends overnight. AND these women also happen to have amazing and unique wisdom related to personal life and business, and you can all collaborate together and generate new ideas for your next path. AND doing this all in a beautiful home, with amazing food, and lots of relaxation. I was amazed at Kelsea's ability to incorporate so many soul-shifting, mindset-changing, business-inspiring activities while also leaving space for rest. I highly recommend to any woman in business or just any woman who wants to step into her best self." - Elena K.

Stay just STEPS away from the white sands of Siesta Key beach and enjoy...

  • 4 days & 3 nights in a Luxury Home alongside other ambitious women.

  • A Private Branding Photoshoot.

  • Taking a break from making all the decisions, having all your meals and drinks paid for and brought to you.

  • Hot seat coaching to overcome obstacles, execute on goals and breakthrough barriers.

  • Connection and healing sessions with other women to build deeper relationships.

  • Relaxation in a beautiful outdoor setting with a pool, hot tub, games and music.

  • Space to connect with deeper level conversations, rest without guiltand bring out your playfulness.

And so much more...

"I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was I was excited and nervous and wanted to grow and get out of my comfort zone. This experience was hands down one of the greatest things I have ever done. As a high achieving woman, in the helping space- I tend to show up and want to give and not get in return. Kelsea poured her knowledge heart and soul into every activity. Every single woman offered love, guidance and I know I gained so many friendships I’ll have for a very long time. Not only did I grow, I transformed." - Lauren B.

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