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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Maximize Revenue, Minimize Burnout for Mom Entrepreneurs

One of the most common questions I get is, "How do I make more money in less time?" This question has many answers, as it largely depends on your business stage, industry, and offerings. Today’s blog is specifically geared toward moms who have been in business for a while and are running out of time and energy. The desire to keep growing is universal, but it's crucial to get clear on what growth means for you.

Many of my clients have achieved financial freedom but still feel unfulfilled. They chase more money, realizing they can't add more because they can't duplicate themselves. When you're out of time and energy, how can you create more revenue for your business? This is a common plateau, especially after being in business for a few years.

Redefining Growth

To increase your revenue and profitability without sacrificing more time with your family, you need to redefine growth. Often, we equate growth with financial gain, which makes sense when you're starting out and need to pay bills and support your family. However, once you reach a stable point, you must shift your focus. This shift is necessary to avoid burnout and ensure sustainable business growth.

Big businesses don't push constantly; they have intervals of rest and reorganization. These rest periods might involve improving your backend, team structure, or leadership skills. Growth isn't just about numbers; it's about who you become and how you set up your business to support long-term success.

Strategies for Increasing Revenue with Limited Time

  1. Raise Your Prices

  • As you continue to develop your skills and expertise, your value increases. If you fear losing clients by raising prices, consider your audience and the value you provide. Make sure you communicate any price increases effectively and understand the worthiness of your services.

  1. Evaluate Your Current Offers

  • Look at the services that offer the biggest results with the least amount of time. Identify impactful offerings that require less effort. Often, we overlook the value of our natural talents and skills.

  1. Develop New Offers

  • Create a solid client journey with entry points and successive steps. Develop methods or frameworks based on common problems your clients face. This allows you to serve more people without adding extra hours to your schedule.

  1. Reduce Deliverables

  • For clients with agency models or those offering numerous deliverables, consider reducing the number of deliverables. Shift some responsibilities back to the client, especially if they have a capable team. It's okay to eliminate offers that stress you out, even if they are profitable.

Growth isn’t just about the numbers. Increasing your revenue without adding more hours to your plate requires strategic thinking and a shift in how you define growth. By raising your prices, evaluating and developing offers, and reducing deliverables, you can achieve sustainable business growth without sacrificing more of your time and energy. Remember, your well-being and fulfillment are just as important as financial success. 

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