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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Elevating Your Standards in Business to Stop the Burn Out Cycle

As women, we often struggle with perfectionism, which can hinder our ability to take bold steps. We hold ourselves back by not seeing our true worth and the value we bring to the table. Which keeps us stuck.

I pride myself on acting decisively and having the willingness to learn from my mistakes, I have done things messy and figured it out as I go – even when I was afraid. A lot of the mistakes and failures I’ve had  \are some of my greatest lessons that now I get to teach my clients. Today, let's talk about elevating your standards to overcome fear and scarcity in your business.

Scarcity is a common issue across all industries. Many business owners operate from a place of fear, hindering decision-making and growth. And when we operate from this place it causes stress, overwhelm and burn out. Elevating your standards involves setting clear expectations and boundaries, which helps eliminate fear-driven decisions.

Establishing Standards

One of my clients experienced this firsthand. During our VIP day, we discovered her business was built around fear—fear of failure, fear of loss, and fear of not providing for her family. She hadn't set any clear standards for herself or her team to adhere to, leading to reactive decision-making.

In the beginning, taking on any client can be beneficial. However, once you're established, it's essential to be selective. This client had a full team and was close to a multimillion-dollar company but still operated with a beginner's mindset. She needed to recognize her expertise and set higher standards for her business.

Establishing standards requires self-confidence. It's crucial to balance humility with confidence. Knowing your strengths and confidently communicating them to clients can significantly impact your business. For example, when a client hears, "I can fix that," it reassures them of your capability.

Part of elevating standards is recognizing and charging what you're worth. Pricing shouldn't just reflect the immediate deliverables but the cumulative value you bring. 

For instance, my pricing considers my 12 years of experience, professional development, and the ripple effect of my services into my clients homes and personal relationships.

When you set your prices, think about the transformation you provide, not just the time you spend. This shift in perspective helps align your pricing with the true value you offer.

Tactical Changes

To align with higher standards, consider operational changes. This might include updating your onboarding process to set clear expectations from the start. Ensuring your clients feel clear on what is expected from them and what to expect from your business elevates their experience and justifies higher prices.

In my client's case, we raised her prices and refined her onboarding process to reflect the premium service she provided. This included a personalized roadmap and clear communication, enhancing the client experience with clarity of what was coming.

Once you've set your standards, ensure they're integrated into every aspect of your business. This includes response times, client interactions, and service offerings. Elevated standards mean you no longer need to please everyone. Focus on what aligns with your expertise and what you enjoy.

Sustainable Business Growth and Fulfillment

Operating from a place of fear and scarcity can lead to burnout and reactive decisions. Instead, by setting and holding yourself to higher standards, you create a sustainable, fulfilling business model. This involves reevaluating your offerings, pricing, and operations to align with your value and expertise.

Remember, setting standards is about more than just business growth. It's about ensuring your work feels aligned and sustainable, providing a better experience for both you and your clients. By doing so, you'll not only improve your business's profitability but also bring peace and satisfaction back into your professional life.


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