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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Navigating the Double-Edged Sword of Business: Growth Without Sacrificing Balance

Running a business often feels like a double-edged sword. On one hand, there's the excitement, ambition, and desire for freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss. On the other hand, there's the reality of juggling multiple roles, learning new skills, and maintaining your core expertise.

One of the most common and challenging questions I get is: "How do I grow my business and increase profits without adding stress or working more hours?" As we reach a certain level of establishment, we often find ourselves out of time, energy, or both.

In my podcast about tracking your capacity, I emphasize that it's not just about time; it's also about energy. The question isn't simply how to keep growing, but how to grow sustainably without burning out.

Many in the business coaching world focus on either slowing down and incorporating stillness or pushing for constant growth. I see business as a series of intervals with seasons of pushing forward and pulling back. Both are equally important. This approach helps avoid the false dichotomy of choosing between professional growth and personal peace.

As a mom, I often ask, "Why do I have to choose one or the other?" I want to be excited about potential growth without sacrificing my peace and quality of life. I've struggled with feeling like I had to choose between being fully present for my kids and being visible and ambitious in my business.

For example, a client of mine with a niche expertise experienced hyper-growth, quickly hiring team members to keep up. However, three years in, she felt overwhelmed. Despite the business success, she craved peace, time with her kids, and personal well-being. This illustrates that success isn't just about revenue or visibility.

I follow one of Netflix's co-founders, who often talks about maintaining a weekly date night with his wife even during the busy startup days and so many people are triggered when he talks about it. Yet, he’s built incredible success.

 This balance is crucial, yet many overlook it. I've been self-employed for 12 years and I have made an effort to prioritize my relationship with my husband, kids and my well-being. When I have teetered, I realized when I wasn’t aligned with who I am and what I value, then made changes.

To grow without adding stress, we must first question our timelines. Often, the stress we feel is due to arbitrary deadlines we've set for ourselves. If reaching a milestone in three months versus three years only differs in time, why rush? Faster isn't always better. My journey to becoming a millionaire took over 10 years, and it was aligned with my values and beliefs.

Here are five strategies to help you grow without overwhelming yourself:

  1. Reevaluate Timelines: Release the pressure of arbitrary deadlines. Ask yourself why faster matters and consider the impact on your mental and physical health.

  2. Preventative Care: Anticipate stressful periods and prepare by ensuring you’re well-rested and mentally ready. Prioritize self-care and physical activity to maintain balance.

  3. Streamline Systems: Invest time in refining your systems and processes at home and in business. Regularly assess what feels clunky and find ways to streamline tasks to make your workload more manageable.

  4. Build a Support System: Surround yourself with people who can provide different perspectives, identify blind spots, and support your growth. This could be family, team members, mentors or coaches.

  5. Diversify Growth Metrics: Define success using a variety of metrics beyond revenue. Consider team efficiency, personal well-being, and process improvements as measures of growth.

Bonus Tip: Ensure your business offers are scalable. If you're trading time for money, think about how to impact more people without increasing your workload. Consider one-to-many services or creating teachable frameworks.

Finally, regularly reflect on what’s working and what’s not. Utilize tools like my Female Founders Freedom Framework to assess your business comprehensively. Remember, it's possible to grow your business without sacrificing personal well-being. Balance your ambitions with sustainable practices to create a fulfilling, thriving business and personal life.

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