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  • Kelsea Koenreich

4 Steps to Showing Up for Your Family & Your Business to Sustain & Scale Bigger

Do you feel like you always have to be on?

The number one problem my clients have is figuring out how to manage their responsibilities.

What they really want is to know how they can sustain business growth, and move towards the bigger goals, while also showing up for their families.

Because honestly, it feels like they have to choose. And because they don’t want to choose, the choice they actually make is self-sacrifice. Until we flip the script.

The idea that we are less in one area when we are more in another is a belief that has to be broken. What if you can actually not just check the boxes, but excel in all of the areas that are important to you?

Nightly family dinners without your phone AND generating more revenue.

Leading meetings AND date nights with your partner.

Uninterrupted peace and stillness AND innovation for growth in the business.

Creating a ripple effect of change AND doing bedtime routines with your babies.

Balance, peace, happiness AND ambition, drive & power.

Having it all and managing it all are two separate things.I’ve worked with millionaires who appear to have it all, but feel so stressed and overwhelmed they don’t even feel their true success.

You might be checking all the boxes above - but if you are too stretched to enjoy and be present where you are, feeling guilty when your attention is on one thing instead of another… it won’t ever feel like it’s enough.

Here’s how you sustain and continue to grow your business, show up for your family AND (most importantly) show up for yourself:

  • Boundaries

    • These are rules that identify your limits. A lack of boundaries shows up at people pleasing and putting the desires of others before your own needs. Many women set boundaries but are too afraid to hold them because they are afraid of missing out or disappointing someone. Set boundaries that align with your personal values, protect your peace, and save your energy.

  • Expectations

    • As an overachiever your expectations are too high (I know this from experience) and while our overly-critical minds have served us in pushing for success, the idea we have of what is enough is usually unrealistic. You don’t need to be in the PTA to be a good mom, you don’t need to respond to emails in 15 minutes to be a good leader. Set realistic expectations and release the pressure.

  • Commitment

    • You need to be as dedicated to your pursuit for balance as you are to the growth of your business. Whatever you see as negotiable will get pushed back. Make the powerful choice to commit yourself to a life of peace alongside your growth and negotiate everything else to fit around that.

  • Standards

    • Let them rise to meet you. It’s a phrase that causes panic in my clients when we make adjustments to allow for more freedom, space, time and revenue. Having a set of standards is about showing yourself respect, not continuing to lower yourself because someone else thinks you (or your prices) are too much. Much like boundaries, you have to set and HOLD these. Identify the standards that are non-negotiable for you in your business and life, and then accept nothing less.

First, change your expectations to remove the pressure. Next, raise your standards to reflect what you want. After you identify those standards you will set boundaries to keep those standards in place. And finally - you COMMIT to nothing less than what you actually want.

This is just a peek at part of the process all of my private mentorship clients walk through to get more time, peace, personal and professional growth.

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Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.


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