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  • Kelsea Koenreich

What is Freedom to You?

I decided I wasn’t going to choose between building my business and living my life outside of it.

I’ve built my business to allow for freedom, presence, and consistent growth… simultaneously. I have the freedom to…

  • Step away from my phone knowing that my business will continue to grow.

  • Travel whenever and wherever I want. (when we are brave enough to travel with 3 kids lol)

  • Say yes to clients and ideas that light me up and no to ones that don’t.

  • Work less than 25 hours a week so I can be present with my family.

  • Support the people I love in creating and building out their dreams.

  • Take my kids on adventures and experiences without worrying if we can afford it.

What is freedom to you?

Freedom to me is being able to LIVE without limits, to not have to filter who you are or what you want to do. And this is the MOVEMENT I stand for.

To help integrate FREEDOM into every woman’s life using the pathway of her business to support this mission.

It’s my greatest desire to walk with you as you create your own version of freedom into your life.

To be able to have a business that fully supports you and your desires. So that you can LIVE and GROW simultaneously and never be held back by yourself or your circumstances again.

You have the opportunity to call in more abundance THROUGH choosing freedom. Are you ready to choose what your heart’s been trying to tell you the whole time?

If you are ready to step into full empowerment as a business owner, I invite you to join PowHER united Mastermind. A group program designed for the woman desiring true balance, abundance, and ready to make POWERFUL moves.

Are you ready to take this next step? Let’s do the damn thing…TOGETHER! Click here to join!

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.


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