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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Success Starts with Holistic Thinking and Clear Focus

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

As a busy mom juggling the demands of both family and business, it's crucial to start the year with a clear vision and actionable plan.

This week I am walking you through a step-by-step process tailored for busy mom entrepreneurs like you, helping you identify your goals, overcome obstacles, and set the stage for a successful and fulfilling 2024.

Knowing Yourself to Lead Yourself

The Downfalls

Before diving into the questions, take a deep breath and carve out a moment for yourself. Reflecting on the past year can provide valuable insights for the year ahead.

  1. Using last year as an example, what did you experience/feel/encounter that you don’t want to go through again?

  2. What didn’t work well in your business or your personal life?

  3. What lessons did you learn from this that you can apply moving forward?

  4. Where did you become detached or unfulfilled?

  5. What played the biggest role in that disconnection?

The Wins

Before answering the following questions, take a moment to acknowledge:

Recognize and celebrate your successes from the past year.

  1. What did you experience/feel/encounter that you would like to repeat?

  2. What went as planned or turned out better than expected in your business and personal life?

  3. What did you do differently to make those things better?

  4. Where did you get stronger, develop closeness or feel most fulfilled?

  5. What played the biggest role in your successes?

Your Values

Before answering the following questions, consider:

Reflect on the values that guide your decisions in both personal and business matters.

  1. What values did you uphold well in your business?

  2. What values did you miss the mark on or didn’t practice what you preach?

  3. How can your brand values better represent your personal values?

The Non-Negotiables

Before answering the following questions, reflect on:

Your non-negotiables for feeling your best and being an effective leader.

  1. In order to feel my best and be on top of my game I need…

  2. To be the best leader for my team and my family I need…

  3. When I feel my best and most successful in life and business I am…

  4. What feels most important for me to be an example of is…

Crafting Your Blueprint for Success


Using insights from your reflections, set 3-5 goals for both your business and personal life for 2024. Clearly articulate each goal with "In 2024, I will…" and identify indicators that show you are on the right path.

Before answering the following questions, set the stage by:

Using what you've learned from the previous sections, develop goals in alignment with your values and priorities.

  1. Create 3-5 goals you want to accomplish in 2024 for business and for personal by writing “ In 2024, I will…”

  2. Next to each goal, identify at least one way you will know if you are on the path towards that goal.

Turning Goals into Action Steps

For each goal, break down action steps or changes necessary to move from idea into action:

The Obstacles

Anticipate potential obstacles for each goal based on past experiences or unforeseen circumstances. What challenges have hindered your progress before, and what roadblocks might you encounter?

The Solutions

For each obstacle, devise temporary and long-term solutions to stay focused and aligned with your non-negotiables. These solutions will serve as your guiding lights on the journey toward your goals.

Turning Plans into Reality


Get hands-on and take actionable steps toward your goals. Identify immediate and subsequent steps, create accountability measures, and outline the additional support you might need.

For each goal:

1. Immediate Action: Identify a single step you will take within the next week.

2. Subsequent Steps: Outline 2-3 actionable steps or changes that follow the initial goal.

3. Accountability: How will you hold yourself accountable for these steps?

4. Additional Support: What support or resources do you need to ensure success?

Remember that this process is not only about setting goals but about evolving into the best version of yourself. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, and forge a path that aligns with your values and aspirations. 

Embrace the challenges, celebrate the wins, and thrive in both your personal and professional life. Here's to a year of growth, resilience, and achievement!

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