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The Female Founders Freedom Framework

A Strategic Guide for Established Entrepreneurial Women to Regain Your Time, Peace and Sanity.


Are you feeling overwhelmed and overworked in your business?

Have you poured your heart and soul into your entrepreneurial journey, only to find yourself running on empty, with no time for yourself or your loved ones? 

What if you could break free from this cycle and create a business that not only thrives but also gives you the time-freedom and peace of mind you crave?


You know it’s time for a change, and that you can’t keep running your business the way you are now. 

You need guidance tailored to the unique challenges of female founders, who are running businesses and raising humans, like you. 

Imagine having a step-by-step guide that helps you restructure your business for sustainability, leading to more freedom, flexibility, and financial success.

That’s exactly what The Female Founders Freedom Framework is.

It's time to say goodbye to stress, overwhelm, and never feeling like you're doing enough.

The days of carrying a mental load so heavy that it’s pulling away from your relationships, and leaving you too drained to be fully present, are over.

With this guide, you'll gain the clarity and confidence to build a solid foundation for your business while reclaiming your time and sanity.


Inside The Female Founders Freedom Framework you’ll learn:

  • Why you are held back from the time-freedom you want alongside your financial freedom

  • How to evaluate and restructure your business for sustainability

  • Strategies to become a more confident and proactive leader

  • Techniques to reduce stress, overwhelm, and urgency

  • The art of creating white space in your calendar for yourself and your loved ones

   Here’s What You’re Getting:

  • Comprehensive guide focusing on 8 key areas of business with a clear picture of what it should look like when it’s freedom-based

  • Non-Negotiables to put in place for each area to maintain flexibility and sustainability

  • Reflective questions to discover why you are held back and what is creating the clogs in your business

  • A checklist of actionable steps to give you clarity on what changes to implement to achieve freedom

  • Additional resources to support your continued business success and development as a leader

Hi, I'm Kelsea Koenreich,

millionaire mom of 3 and serial entrepreneur. I know firsthand the challenges female entrepreneurs face, as I've navigated them myself since 2012. After years of trial and error, I've discovered the secrets to building a thriving business while maintaining my sanity and freedom. Now, I'm passionate about sharing my lessons with other women and moms like you, so you can experience the same level of success and fulfillment.

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Don’t let this be another year where your revenue rises alongside your stress levels. Time is our greatest asset and the only one that is irreplaceable - how you spend your time is your choice. Make a choice that will change your life today.


Maintaining financial success while elevating your quality of life is possible. The Female Founders Freedom Framework will show you how.

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