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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Finding Momentum Inside Your Business

Confidence doesn’t just appear, you won’t find it in a book or source it through someone else.

When I first started coaching in 2011 I was terrified, I thought - who is going to hire me after getting arrested and being a wreck for 10 years?

I was embarrassed and ashamed of who I was.

I wasn’t confident that people would hire me, but I knew that I had a gift and wanted to help people live differently.

So I put myself out there, again and again. Speaking with fear in the back of my throat. Writing content with imposter syndrome hanging over my head. But I did it, and people trusted me to help them.

I’m confident not because of what I’ve built already but because I showed up believing that I could even when I was afraid, knowing that I am meant to make an impact in this world.

And you are too. You’re a leader, a change maker, and ready to make a bigger impact in this world.

That means you’re going to have to show up, show your face, and share your voice with the world - over and over again. And you’re going to need someone who believes in you while you do it, while you build that belief in yourself.

Because we’ve all been there, sitting in the darkness… frustrated, angry, bitter, defeated.

And this is a normal place to be because these emotions are valid and part of the human experience.

But you get to choose how deep you go, and how long you stay because being stuck is always a choice.

It’s a hard pill to swallow but when you take ownership of being where you are, you also get your power back to make a different choice.

I’m here to remind you that there is always a move you can make, there is always another side to where you are and momentum will come when you make a move.

I can help you overcome what’s holding you back so that you can create the reality you desire. You can overcome the fear, self-doubt, judgment, and shame that are weighing you down.

Together we can craft your path to success, fulfillment, happiness, and peace. Your purpose and legacy await you.

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.


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