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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Are You Outsourcing Your Power?

I’ll cut to the chase: Stop outsourcing your power.

Holding up a mirror and learning to learn the power is within you changes everything. I used to believe that power was external…

“Once I make this much money I’ll be powerful…”

“Once I lead this many people I’ll be powerful…”

“Once I’m seen as the authority here I’ll be powerful…”

“Once I have this team… this office… this schedule… this many followers… this many clients…”

I’ll be powerful.

It’s no wonder why I slipped into losing my power as I traveled from one room playing blocks on the floor into my office for a client call.

It’s no wonder why I thought I couldn’t serve million-dollar business owners as I sit in a school car line.

I was outsourcing my power to an external reality that wasn’t my own. I didn’t see how the way I live is what many women deeply desire. I downplayed the reality that I have it all.

I have wealth AND I have sustainability. I’ve built multiple six-figure businesses after hitting rock bottom in a jail cell with no direction.

Right now, right where you are… there is someone that desires THAT.

In your quest for expansion, don’t downplay what lives within you. The only way to connect to your true power is to bring forward what already lives within you.

Let me be that mirror for you and show you what’s always been there. It’s time to ACTIVATE what lives within you.

Your power is there, let’s unleash it. You're invited to work 1:1 with me. Together we will climb higher than ever while honoring your deepest desires, values, and goals. Are you ready?

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.


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