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The Power Through Transformation 

Kelli Sweeting

Originally published in Lakewood City Lifestyle

In a world often defined by its challenges, Kelsea Koenreich stands as a beacon of transformation, resilience, and empowerment. Her journey from a tumultuous past to becoming a leadership balance strategist and executive coach is a testament to the power of intention, self-discovery, and the unwavering pursuit of meaningful impact.

Koenreich's path to success wasn't always clear-cut. She candidly shared, "I lost 10 years of my life to self-destruction with drugs and alcohol, I wasn't living with any sort of intention - I was merely showing up and repeating the same day over and over." It was after her third arrest that she decided to reclaim her life from rock bottom, embracing each day with purpose and a determination to create a positive influence in the world.

Rebuilding from the ashes of her past, Koenreich overcame the paralyzing grip of shame, fear, and doubt. Her triumph over these obstacles paved the way for her to inspire others. As she cultivated her own businesses with the value of freedom at their core, women began seeking her guidance on how to lead successful businesses without succumbing to stress and overwhelm.

"Maintaining strong boundaries, utilizing a long-term focus, and prioritizing my wellbeing have been essential in effectively balancing my roles as a mentor, coach, wife, and mother," Koenreich revealed. Recognizing that sustainable success demands self-care, she emphasized the importance of preserving her own vitality to lead effectively and be present for her family.

Because ultimately, that is what matters.

To foster personal growth and success, Koenreich advocates three pivotal principles:

  1. Clearing out the clutter: Eliminate what doesn't serve you, directing your time and energy toward your potential.

  2. Creating sustainable solutions: Shed reactive tendencies and focus on decisions that lead to long-term success.

  3. Uncovering the unseen: Achieve mental clarity to explore new possibilities for leadership and business impact.

Of course, being a local celebrity and influencer comes with its own set of challenges, but Koenreich welcomes the pressure. She recognizes the responsibility she has and navigates it with grace. "Leading by example is 'healthy pressure.' It serves as a reminder of why I do what I do, leaving a legacy through my children and work," she noted. She is here to show women that they can do it all and still take care of themselves.

"Prioritize yourself as a leader, and your success will naturally follow." She believes that the age-old notion of non-stop hustling is outdated and detrimental.

Koenreich also understands the magic of connections and networks. She fosters meaningful relationships through platforms like CEO PowHER Hour and The PowHER Retreat. Her advice for clients seeking genuine connections? Get out there, talk to people daily, and never shy away from seeking help.

As Koenreich humbly reflects on her local influence, she admits, "Gratitude is not just something I practice daily, it is the color of my lenses and the way I view the world." Her final piece of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs and those seeking growth is profound: "Your mind is your magic. When you are clear on who you are, how you serve, and where you are going—nothing can stop you."

Kelsea Koenreich's story resonates as a living testament to the transformative power of intention, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of growth. Her journey from darkness to empowerment inspires us all to rise above challenges and create a life that reflects our true potential.

"Get out there, talk to people daily, and never shy away from seeking help."

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