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Strategic Business Coaching & Deep Thought Partner

for Established Mom Founders and Entrepreneurs











As your strategic partner I pledge that you’ll experience care and clarity that creates greater potential for your business and life.


“This was one of the very best personal and business investments I’ve ever made. Literally life changing.”


Private 1:1 Partnership

This high-touch point strategic coaching delivers maximum thought-partnership and tactical guidance that puts business owners back in control of their lives & leadership.

For the established Mom Entrepreneur craving time-freedom, flexibility, peace and presence.

You’ve built financial freedom to provide an extraordinary life for your family, but between your business responsibilities and motherhood –
you can barely catch your breath.

You are treading water and you need more than just a blow-up raft or a band-aid approach to stay afloat.

You need a strategic plan of action to change the way you lead, optimize the operations of your business, and create structure for your life.

You need a thought partner that will call you out, to call you up and hold you accountable to becoming the leader and woman you are meant to be.

Private 1:1 Partnership is a full 12-month experience for established business women running a profitable business. My partnership is tailored to women who are currently mothers or have a desire to be mothers while continuing to run their businesses.


This immersive in-person full day session is tailored to address your most pressing needs through a strategic business assessment and clarity-driven road map.


For the busy mom entrepreneur that needs clarity and a clear plan of action to create further growth and stop getting buried in the day-to-day.

You're treading water and using all your time and energy to get through the day, between motherhood and the demands of your business, the mental load is weighing on you.

You need a clear plan to continue scaling the business in a more sustainable way, because what you've built is stealing too much time away from your family and leaving you with nothing to give at the end of

the day.

Inside The VIP Day built specifically for Mom Founders & Entrepreneurs we pull back the curtain and create solutions for the changes you've been avoiding.

We are looking at the foundational pieces that are directly connected to the longevity and sustainability of your business.

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The CEO Intensive

This 2-hour tactical session is focused on bringing you full clarity for a specific area of your business that feels inefficient, creating a current clog in your potential success.

For the CEO Mama needing a fresh set of expert eyes to identify what needs to shift in a specific area of your business to create forward momentum.

You know that something needs to change, but you are either out of time or too deep in the business to know exactly how to change it. 

This action-focused session gives you the opportunity to bring your obstacle to the table....And let me fix it.

We spend 2 hours together virtually creating sustainable solutions for your problem area and you receive one week of back pocket access to me as you are implementing changes.

Post session you will also receive a roadmap with action steps for your clear path forward.

Legacy Leaders Alumni

Whether you want to upgrade after a VIP Day or are entering a season of maintenance from 1:1 coaching, our legacy leaders group provides the accountability and continued community with fellow founders at a pace clients are looking for.


As a current or previous client, we value longevity and knowing all of the intricacies of your business & life. Instead of feeling forced out, we prefer if you stick around.

Many clients want to keep Kelsea in their corner to ensure they are never stuck and trying to figure it out alone. For this reason the Legacy Leaders Alumni is an easy extension from the VIP Day or Private Partnership.

We offer this to clients after completing The VIP Day or Private Partnership with Kelsea.

Spinning around with the same problems time and time again?  Dealing with everything feeling urgent and like you are treading water?

Get a free evaluation of your current business to give you the 3 biggest changes you need to increase efficiency, sustainability and profitability for more freedom and flexibility. 

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