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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Using Vulnerability to Grow & Build Connection

What would happen if you *actually* acknowledged yourself MORE?

What would you do if you had permission to explore a new path?

The minute we believe that we need to pursue ONE thing is the moment we put ourselves in a tiny, very restricted, box. Today’s guest is sharing her wisdom on how she navigates being a multi-passionate woman. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE!

Cait Finn is the queen of playing in different arenas. She has mastered the art of pursuing her goals, and dreams, and pivoting into a new path when she feels called to.

She teaches us that when you honor the things that light you up, it is ENERGIZING AF, even when it’s scary.

Listen in to learn how to honor more than one passion and the importance of….

  • Asking for help and allowing yourself to feel supported.

  • Letting go of perfection and tapping into the present moment.

  • Pivoting inside your business and personal life to embody your new calling.

  • Giving yourself permission to try, explore, and pursue something new.

Some people thrive by focusing on one thing, but if that feels limiting to you that’s OKAY.

You can wear many hats, build multiple paths, and lean into trusting your intuition to start something new


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