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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Using Human Design to Grow Your Biz with Gillian Galambos

A blueprint of your soul + energy? Talk about showing up AUTHENTIC AF!

Human design is one of the most permission-giving tools to use on a personal and professional level. This deeper understanding of yourself can allow you to show up authentically and live a life fueled by your inner truth. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE!

Today we have Gillian Galambos, a Human Design Guide for Spiritual Entrepreneurship, giving a deep dive into how to use human design as a growth and self-discovery tool inside your business.

This episode drops those golden nuggets that INSPIRE, leaving you with a new perspective of how you can operate from a more aligned place. After listening you will understand…

  • The basics of human design + the archetypes.

  • Why using this allows you to feel as if you have more permission to be yourself.

  • That taking time to tune into yourself will guide you towards clarity.

  • How I use it inside my business with myself, my team, and clients.

There is not a right way or a wrong way. There is YOUR WAY, and feeling tuned into it? That’s the shift that will move the needle.



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