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  • Kelsea Koenreich

This is the biggest thing that cuts you off from the next level of your business.

This is the biggest thing that cuts you off from the next level of your business.

Too much time working “in” your business instead of “on” your business.

So, what’s the difference?

Working IN your business is getting through your daily tasks - the implementation and execution of jobs that are required to maintain and sustain the growth you’ve had.

This is what I call the “tunnel vision” lens.

Working ON your business is the bigger picture, visionary, development and strategies for continued growth.

This is what I call the “observational” lens.

I see this all the time with my high-achieving CEO’s making 7+ figures but still carrying a solopreneur mindset.

They are leading their businesses from fear, afraid of what “stepping back” into observation will cause for the business.

Afraid that if they do something that is for them instead of for the whole team it’s selfish or that they aren’t being a team player.

And this is not only stopping the potential for growth of your company, it’s preventing your personal growth as a leader.

You aren’t giving yourself the opportunity for the necessary development for continued growth when you are spending all your time checking boxes.

As a beginner business owner, you are wearing every hat and your growth strategy is to stay focused and repeat processes to build a solid foundation.

Once that foundation is built and you are moving past multiple-six or 7+ figures if you are carrying the same habits and mindset you won’t get very far.

It’s time to prioritize that observational view, trust your team and elevate your leadership skills.

Living day-to-day, checking all the boxes and exhausting yourself in hopes that it will one day pay off enough so that you can coast isn’t a growth strategy.

When you are zoomed out, you can develop new strategies for continued growth that will go out to your team to implement.

And to zoom out you need space.

Space in your mind, space in your calendar, and environments that promote creativity.

Have you ever noticed how your greatest ideas come to you when you aren’t working inside your business?

That’s why if you want to move beyond where you are, your priorities have to shift from repetition of tasks to big picture creation and you have to make putting yourself in rooms for that to happen a non-negotiable.

The PowHER Retreat will give you just that.

When you are established in your business and know that it’s time for you to truly be in your CEO role, a key component for your success is pouring into you as the woman who is leading this movement.

Come join other ambitious women, leaving decision-making and responsibilities at the door for an uplifting experience that will change the way you lead and live.

The connections are next-level, the conversations inspire new possibilities for growth and the perspectives from the brilliant minds of successful women are pure gold.

The PowHER Retreat is a 3 night experience on Siesta Key in Florida, steps away from the white sands of the #1 beach in the US.

This is where you get the vacation you’ve been wanting but felt too guilty to take, met with personal and professional development that will scale your business, elevate your leadership and expand your network.

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.


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