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  • Kelsea Koenreich

The True Measurement of Success with Meg Yelaney

There shouldn’t be a timeline on your success.

We think we have to choose between making more money or feeling happy in the lives we are living. And that type of pressure to pick one or the other is bullshit. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE!

Today I am joined by my good friend, Meg Yelaney, and we are peeling back the layers of the narrative that we have fallen victim to. This kind of pressure is isolating us from the people and things we love. It’s time to unlearn and redefine success.

After listening to this episode you will understand the…

-Importance of balancing the ambition to make money and the desire to live a quality life.

-Mindset it takes to embody balance and what it takes to shed this narrative.

-Toxicity of feeling like you have to choose.

-Significance of understanding what being fortunate means to you.

The quest of balancing is a life-long journey. So put the boundaries in place and take a step to protect your inner peace 🔥

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