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Scaling Your Business as a Mom: Strategy That Works With A Growing Family

As a mompreneur, you've got a degree in resilience balancing the demands of motherhood with a growing business. This journey isn’t easy and as a mom of 3 who has my business before kids, I know the changes that come as we become mothers.

Being able to manage both is nothing short of remarkable, and it’s only natural to want to honor your ambition and drive that you have for your business while also being the mom you want to be. And there’s a ton of advice out there that will tell you how to grow your business, or how to be a more present mom… but nothing that tells you how to do both.

We shouldn’t have to give up our dreams of bigger impact because we have children.

Continuing to scale your business is inevitable, but you do have to choose if you will settle for the old way of doing things where you choose work over your family in the name of “success” or if you create a business that truly enhances your quality of life.

I’m here to help you enter into the world of mompreneurs who want to maximize growth while honoring their family responsibilities.

Why You Need to Choose Both

There are days when I want to throw in the towel, I get the silly idea that if I quit trying to grow my business OR quit spending as much time with my kids… things would feel easier.

I quickly snap back to reality realizing how miserable I would be because I love my kids and I love my work - so making an impact inside and outside my home is non-negotiable. Plus, easier hasn’t ever gotten me anything memorable…like birthing 3 children.

Here’s why you not only can’t give up on growing bigger, but also why you HAVE to commit to being the mother and leader you are meant to be;

You are a provider. I can guarantee that after becoming a mother your children become one of the biggest WHY’s behind your business moves. You want to provide a better childhood and life for them than you had, even if yours was great. You want to have the financial freedom to explore, take vacations and make memories with the people you love.

You are a trailblazer. The world needs people like you who are willing to show up and make a difference, the impact you make when you start a business ripples into so many areas of our world. You might be leading an economic or cultural change, and you definitely are showing other women what’s possible.

You are the boss. Even though it doesn’t feel like it when you’ve buried yourself in the day-to-day, you get to make your own schedule and don’t have to ask for time off. If your kid gets sick or if you want to go to the spa on a Tuesday - you CAN. You choose who you work with, the type of work you do and what you say yes to… and that is a true privilege.

(And if you are trapped in your schedule, making 6 - 7+ figures make sure you check out Female Founders Inner Circle so we can fix that)

Not only are you creating life on your terms, you are being an example of what’s possible. You aren’t just creating a business or a small impact, you are creating a legacy - showing your children healthy boundaries and the power of good, passionate work.

So, when in doubt and feeling like you can’t manage it all - understand that you chose the harder path, for the greater good.

How to Keep Growing The Business As A Mama

Let me preface this by telling you, it’s possible no matter what stage you are in.

My clients have usually built to that multi-6 figure mark by burying themselves, doing more, and overloading their calendars, completely removing any time for themselves.

As moms your capacity will look different and it’s something you have to make peace with, BUT the idea that because your capacity of how much you can do is less means your business can’t grow is… BULLSHIT.

If you want to keep growing your business and showing up for those kiddos, do these 3-steps in this order… and keep repeating them time and time again.

Step One: Clear The Clutter

You are going to have to get rid of all the clunky stuff that’s holding you back. Take a look at how you are spending your time and energy and ask yourself these questions:

Can I delegate this to someone else?

Is this something that NEEDS to be on my calendar or am I afraid of letting it go?

What working hours would be most optimal for me and my family?

What tasks at home or in the business am I doing because I ASSUME I am the only one who can?

What will I start saying NO to?

What do I want room to say YES to?

The goal here is to be honest with yourself about your expectations for time and your current load of responsibilities, you are likely surrounded by capable people who can help take off the mental and physical load - IF YOU ASK.

This is where you have to get out of the mindset of something being done right only if it’s done by you and get comfortable with not doing it all.

Step Two: Create Sustainable Solutions

You can clearly see where you are wasting your time and can make some space in your schedule, now that you know what’s holding you back from more time freedom and being able to have space to be the visionary - you need new standards. And you need boundaries to protect those standards.

Set new standards in what you will and won't accept in terms of type of client, communications, team members, and working hours. Let's not forget, that you make your schedule, and anything on your calendar or that you are spending time on is something you said yes to. Set boundaries that protect those standards, from utilizing do not disturb on your phone to delegating out all of your scheduling so you don’t say yes to something outside your hours, get creative and be FIRM because this is how you protect your time and energy to show up better for yourself and your family.

With new standards and boundaries in place, alongside delegating things out to capable people on your team (and in your home!) you should have new-found free time to spend on yourself, with the kids or to develop creative ideas for the growth of the company.

Step Three: Uncover the Unseen

This is the fun part, it’s only when you have the space to build out those creative ideas and you are struggling with burnout or constant overwhelm that you get to foster and build the company bigger.

Creating a block of time on your calendar that is uninterrupted where you focus on strategic thinking and being the visionary of the company is a direct link to continued growth. This comes only when you are firm with those boundaries and can remove all distractions and interruptions, knowing the full importance of this time.

This puts you balancing your work time between sustaining the current day-to-day AND having segmented time for business growth. All of this happens on your schedule allowing you to shut your brain off and be present with your family knowing you have a schedule in place to be with the kids, take care of yourself, run the business and keep growing.

And if you need help discovering the area where you are losing revenue or missing out on potential growth you can take my free quiz to find out here.

It's absolutely possible to expand your business while maintaining a fulfilling family life. Know this, your journey is an inspiration to other mompreneurs who seek the same balance and success.

We are creating an entirely new path for the generations that follow us by committing to both motherhood and business, we got this mama!

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