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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Overcoming the Shadow Side of Owning a Business

This is the shadow side of business ownership most women don’t want to look at.

There is an extraordinary amount of pressure that we put on ourselves as high-achieving women and our expectation to continue to succeed is non-negotiable.

Managing who we need to be in each room we enter can feel exhausting.

We are constantly changing titles from CEO, mom, partner, leader, facilitator, chauffeur, planner… It's a lot.

And as women who are doing it all, we don’t give ourselves enough credit… or the breaks we really need.

You’re living out your life’s purpose, doing work that you know makes a difference.. But sometimes it just doesn’t feel good to be doing… all the doing.

What people see is the external success you’ve created, but they have no idea what you’ve had to GIVE.

Every hat you wear is a choice, but sometimes what you want is just to strip them all off and just be.

Even with the fear of really seeing who you are without your titles.

Even with the fear of falling behind if your calendar is cleared.

Even with the fear of what people will think if you step out of the arena temporarily to rest.

You are an ambitious, driven, independent woman who has a passion and purpose that runs through your veins.

You are also a human, with emotions, needs and desires to be filled and attended to.

You deserve relief, you deserve a break that is longer than a night away or a change of scenery.

Imagine hanging up all of your hats and coats you wear for a few days and focusing on being catered to - poured into, loved on, supported and connected with.

Imagine not having to make all the decisions, taking off the masks and just showing up as you and instantly being accepted, seen and understood.

This is the space that is held for you at The PowHER Retreat.

The retreat where business women come to play, relax, connect and refuel for their next level of life and business.

This is where your heart and soul is attended to as steps are laid out for your future.

Come spend 3 nights on Siesta Key, Florida with your toes in the sand, linking arms with other goal-focused women in May - your relief, restoration, and rejuvenation is here. Click here to join!

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.

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