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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Overcoming Overwhelm

The one thing high-achieving women put on the back burner? THEMSELVES.

The truth is, running a business has multiple moving parts and requires us to wear all of the hats. But not creating space for your mind, body, and emotions lead to burnout and extreme overwhelm. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE!

If you are craving peace but don’t want to give up your ambition, listen in to learn the steps of how to reduce your overwhelm and THRIVE in 2023.

This episode will shed light on….

-Leading from a place of alignment and self-care.

-Creating a nourishing point-of-view for yourself as the CEO.

-How to scale and reduce your hours.

-Why taking a step back can lead to growth.

-Creating a strategic plan for your business and for YOURSELF!

It’s not ONLY about reflecting on the strategic pieces inside of your business. Because you know damn well you can’t effectively show up for your company if you are hanging on by a thread.

You need to be FUELED to keep going because you are no doubt a powerhouse 🔥 How will you make your next move with your well-being the focus?

Feeling inspired and looking for more? Let’s make MOVES together 👇

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