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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Reducing Your Stress As a Business Owner

Is normalizing stress risking your mental well-being as a business owner?

We see it all too often: entrepreneurship being portrayed as “easy” OR hustling to the point of consistent burnout. And as female business owners, we are waiting too long to prioritize ourselves FIRST. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE!

But what if we switched the narrative and stopped normalizing the overwhelm, people pleasing, chronic stress and instead invited in feeling ease through addressing what YOU need?

The hard truths of entrepreneurship are exposed in this episode. But by the end of this episode, you will learn…

-How to neutralize the ebbs and flows of running a business.

-The importance of self-care and investing in yourself to reduce the risk of your mental health being put on the back burner.

-How to shift into prioritizing the internal rather than the external.

-A practice of listening to your body + mind + emotions when you make your next move.

The goal isn’t to eliminate hardships, but to learn how to better navigate all of the roles you take on. And I see you and your ability to do this, CEO 🔥

Looking to find momentum and reduce your stress? Join Overcoming Overwhelm: a FREE 7-day Stress Solution👇

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Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.

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