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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Conversational Email Marketing with Ashley Deluca

If you needed an extra push to bring more human-to-human connection inside your biz…Here it is!

What would happen if you could speak to your audience in a way that invites them to open up? CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE!

Email marketing is a powerful tool to use to bring further intention and connection between you and your dream clients.

Ashley Deluca, my beautiful friend, former client, and team member is here to share just how to do that. This email strategist & copywriting queen is giving you a checklist for successful conversational email marketing!

After listening to Ashley’s wisdom, you’ll understand the importance of…

  • Using outlines prompts, and structure for your creative process.

  • The power of storytelling inside your emails and bringing in conversational strategies.

  • Building “credit” with your audience and opening up a new avenue for people to walk into your space.

  • Taking advantage of subject lines to encourage your reader to open the email.

  • Shifting perspectives from getting conversions from the emails to utilizing this as a tool to connect.

The people in your world are here for a reason. They want to hear from, be guided by, and feel connected to….YOU.


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