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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Building Confidence for Growth

A clear plan for growth doesn't work if you lack the confidence to execute it.

So let me ask you this.... How do you enter rooms?⁣

Not Zoom where you can make sure every hair is in place and the lighting is just right before you allow anyone in.⁣

Real rooms, face to face…⁣

Is your gaze downward, mind flooded with thoughts of how others might be looking at you, concerned that something is out of place. Or do you walk with your head held high, proud, meeting eye to eye with the people standing across from you?⁣

If you want to create a bigger impact in this world and bring your vision to life, you will have to enter rooms differently.⁣

You will have to change the way you show up, the energy you exude, and allow yourself to take up more space.⁣

You will have to learn to focus your attention outward to quiet the inner critic and turn fear to a dull whisper.⁣

This has been the key to my growth, my success and my expansion - learning to shift my attention instead of being wrapped up in mind fuckery.⁣

I dismantled self-judgment, shed my layers of shame and stopped letting fear stop me - this is when there was no longer any obstacles preventing me from growing.⁣

There’s many paths you can take to build your vision, and each of them require action… execution that feels uncertain, steps that are into the unknown.⁣ You think that if you find the right plan, it will work and you can create all you’ve ever wanted.⁣

But if there’s no change in how you take each step on that roadmap, the destination remains the same.⁣

You can have a clear path ahead with all the steps but if you are spinning in perfectionism… people pleasing… self-sabotage… the path remains a vision instead of your reality.⁣

Imagine how you will proceed forward, and what you will create in your business… your relationships… and your life… when you enter rooms with purpose, anchored into your power.⁣

Your plan is only as good as your belief in yourself to execute it - it’s time to start entering rooms with POWER.⁣ 1 spot open to start in October for private mentorship🔥⁣

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.


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