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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Attracting What You Desire

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

There are days when I go hard in the gym, and days where I just show up and do the bare minimum.⁣ And both are okay.⁣

The same goes for your business, there are days where you are fully focused, excited and ALL IN.⁣ And there are days where stepping away is your needle mover.⁣

Neither are wrong, and it’s important to do both.⁣ By showing up everyday and scaling your business with force and rigidity you keep the belief… this is necessary for the growth I desire.⁣

You are attaching HARD work to results.⁣ You are solidifying what we saw in past generations, a lack of balance bringing you success.⁣

And on the flip side of that, if you ALLOW yourself to have days where you “barely work”, and days where you actually honor what you DESIRE to do in the business instead of attaching your worth to your to dos…⁣

You cultivate self-trust by following the ebb and flow that aligns with natural human desires. ⁣And your business actually FEELS GOOD.⁣

Recognizing that your business will thrive when you thrive is a game changer. Investing in yourself is the smartest move you can make as a CEO.

The freedom of operating from a place of alignment is something that I have cultivated, and I’m teaching my clients to do the same.

We are building empires by…

  • Removing pressure and force that causes stress and anxiety.⁣

  • Scaling bigger businesses without taking away time from the people they love.⁣

  • Creating from a place of “want to” instead of “have to” so consistency feels easier.⁣

  • Understanding and bring their uniqueness to the forefront for more aligned clients and easier sales.⁣

  • Live life first and realign the business to fit YOUR ideal schedule.⁣

All while being in a safe space where you are held high and deeply supported to become the woman and CEO you are meant to be.⁣

You didn’t start your biz to restrict yourself and be pulled in too many directions.⁣ You started your business for FREEDOM.⁣ Which leaves me with one remaining question…

What is your next step to fully embody THIS?

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.

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