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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Redefining Business Growth

From the moment I became an entrepreneur in 2012, I’ve always had my eyes on a bigger prize, I’ve always had one hand in what I’m doing and one hand in building what I want to be doing. It’s a different way of operating that only ambitious women understand, we just can’t help it. We check off goals without any celebration, because that’s just who we are. And then it’s on to the next thing.

As someone who walks into a situation and can easily identify the gaps preventing growth potential, I’ve put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to continue growing my income - because that is what we are told to do in business. Plus, everyone wants more money.

But, I’ll tell you this - when I became a millionaire, it wasn’t a magical shift that changed everything. In fact, it didn’t change much at all. Because while it’s easy to get caught up in chasing new revenue goals, when you hit them and look back - the process and the impact is always what matters.

I don’t look back and see all the dollar signs, I look back and see all the faces and families I’ve impacted. And it’s always proof that income will follow impact.

Too many women business owners struggle with finding that space where enough is enough, and the idea of sustaining feels foreign and… wrong. Goal setting should always be about having more or getting better in some area than where you are right now, right?

When we only have one lens in which we view growth, we miss the whole point. When we only see growth as a linear trajectory UP, we discredit and devalue the majority of what we experience and go through.

Sharpening Your Skills

This week on a call with a client she came in heavy and feeling defeated because of some changes in the team that were unexpected. The plans she had laid out for the business growth were dependent largely on someone that would no longer be a part of the business. And so we had to make a new plan to push forward.

Because if you’re like me, quitting is never an option, and I know even with the heaviest of times in business where we want to burn it all down - my clients know that they never really would.

Before we jumped right into planning, I shared my thoughts and gave her permission to open her vision to something bigger. When operating our businesses, we get stuck in a tunnel. And it puts so much pressure and urgency around everything we do when all of our eggs are in one basket. So, I asked her to look outside what’s been done previously and think about what other possibilities there are.

I said, “What if you spend the rest of the year sitting in what you’ve already built? Using the space and time to reflect on what YOU created and what that has created for so many people. Letting this time show you what you really want, going into next year with sharpened skills and full clarity.”

Sometimes we need permission to sit still, because we forget that it is in these moments where we feel like nothing is happening that the seeds are planted for growth.

If you want to build a bigger business, you have to have a team to support the capacity you’ll bring on to impact more people. If you want to increase revenue, you have to offer value high enough to raise prices and have the support in place to deliver - there’s no way around that.

But what if the next revenue goal isn’t actually the answer to your growth?

What if there are seasons for sustaining, resting, and refining, to create the clarity that leads to the next level of business? When you constantly feel the pressure of more revenue being the way you define growth of your business, it puts you in a position to hire more, take on more, and manage more too. And that can pull you away from what you really love doing, and the whole reason why you started. You have to find the space in which you are content with what you have, and can honor your desire for more.

Redefining Growth

I am a business consultant that strategizes and thought-partners with brilliant women to create plans for growth, I am obsessed with consistently getting better. And what I’ve learned is that growth looks different for everyone and can be measured based on what we believe. If you only believe you are successful when you are doing 7-figures a year in your business, what does that make you when you are on your way there?

If the type of business you run can’t hit 7-figures without overloading your calendar and your nervous system, would it be worth it?

If we change the metrics in which we measure growth, we change everything.

Here are some of the ways you know you are growing in your business that you probably haven't considered; You have a work schedule that allows for personal and professional fulfillment. You aren’t tied to your phone 24/7, you sleep soundly at night without 25 tabs open in your head, you are present and available for the people that you love when they need you.

Your messaging and marketing is organized, clear and converting. The efforts you and your team are putting into putting things out in the world are getting engaged with, starting conversations and building relationships.

The services you offer are serving your clients really well. People who come to you are seeing results, they are getting what they came for and hopefully more, keeping them around for a longer period of time or continuing to come back.

Your team is empowered and confident. People are clear in their roles, communication across the team is good, and everyone is truly being a team player.

The processes and procedures you have in place are refined and efficient. You aren’t seeing the same problems pop up time and time again, your systems are helping you and the team stay organized and on top of all tasks and projects.

People are paying attention. You are having more conversations, there is interest and referrals are coming in from current clients. People have awareness of your brand and your work is resonating.

Business growth truly can come in all shapes and sizes. And truthfully, your bottom line is directly affected by everything about.

So, today I will challenge you to look in these areas and see how you’ve already grown so much already. And then remember moving forward that revenue is only ONE metric. Choose to review and reflect each month and look at these areas to see how you are continuously growing and improving - because each of these areas are key to your long-term success.

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