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  • Kelsea Koenreich

8 Reasons It's Time for a Retreat

Been eyeing a retreat for your personal and professional growth in 2023?

Here’s how you know it’s time for a retreat:

You’ve been living in a bubble.

Your life is work, events that are connected to work, and doing yourself to keep yourself (and possibly your children) alive. Most of the people you are engaging with are work-related or people you have to coordinate life things with. You’re stuck in your schedule and week to week feels like groundhogs day.

You don’t know how to turn off.

You are answering emails at all hours, constantly thinking about work and struggling with feeling selfish if you do things for yourself. You have great intentions for meditating, movement, journaling and all the things that make you feel good… but business comes first.

You want more people in your corner that understand you.

Making friends as an adult is hard, making friends as an adult running a business is even harder. Imagine how good business gets to feel when you can flow fluidly in conversation with other women who understand you because they are in it too. And when you have a team of support behind you - you can do ANYTHING.

You are finding yourself resentful of how much you are giving or jealous of other’s freedom.

You see the vacations and fun experiences on social media and wish you could be there too. Taking off an extended period from work stresses you out and you are unsure if you can, so you don’t. You keep showing up and pouring in, without getting back what you really need.

You’ve been prioritizing business growth over personal development.

No, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. It should always be both - but it’s easy to believe the lie that you’ll take time for yourself once a goal is reached. We both know that you are always going to be reaching for the next big goal, imagine how much easier it will be for you to sustain that growth when YOU are growing and fulfilled.

You are craving spaciousness and peace.

I love my children, I feel guilty when I leave my children AND I am a better mother when I leave my children to participate in things that make me feel good. Moving from one responsibility to the next leaves you craving a day where you have nothing that you HAVE to do - and that can feel impossible because you have to take care of so much. Time to sit in silence without rushing to the next thing is a luxury you deserve.

You aren’t playing or doing things with the intention of joy.

It feels silly, or pointless - to not have a specific goal but instead just play with the intention of pure happiness. It definitely isn’t an intention you set to take off the appearance you think you need to present, set it down, and just have fun to have fun. This is where your soul refills and gives you the energy and fulfillment to conquer all the goals you have.

You love growth.

As uncomfortable as it can be - you are always looking to grow and expand yourself to create more fulfillment in your life. You don’t need to be missing something or feeling burnt out to attend a retreat - you can attend because you love and know the importance of continued growth for you and your business.

Join me alongside other ambitious, high-achieving women business owners for 3 days in Siesta Key, Florida for a beach vacation full of personal and professional growth.

This is a luxury experience where you are building life-long connections, collaborating with brilliant women… and having SO MUCH FUN.

We are getting down to the last few spots! Don’t hesitate on your heart's desires! Click here to reserve your spot.

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.


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