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Gayle Guyardo

Feb. 24, 2023

Kelsea Koenreich, the CEO of Koenreich Enterprises who is a mentor, author and speaker, joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom with how she turned her life around after a troubled childhood.

“I spent 10 years abusing drugs, alcohol and my body which led to 3 arrests, and third arrest in 2010 was my rock bottom and where I made the choice that I wanted to live.”, said Koenreich.

Koenreich went on to say, “I had a powerful moment in a mirror inside the jail when I looked at myself.”

Soon after Koenreich started transforming her life from the inside out, and got help through the drug court program, therapy and life coaching.

As part of her physical transformation Koenreich and fell in love with fitness and helping others transform.

Now she visits the very same jail she found herself in to give other women inspiration.

Koenreich believe openly sharing her story with the intention of inspiring people to see what is possible for them is part of her own personal healing.

Now Koenreich is a certified life coach and expanded her business, working with “externally” successful women.

Her book “Below The Surface”, is about reaching your goals without feeling overwhelmed.

Koenreich also started mentoring teen girls through Teen Court and speaking to help people build success and overcome fear, shame and judgment.

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