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"Before I met Kelsea I was stressed, overwhelmed and barely holding it all together when we first started. She helped me peel back what was wrong and piece it all back together more efficiently. Now I protect time with my family. I can hold more thought, face challenges more (inside and outside of my business), and continue to grow as a person which then in turn grows my business."

- Lauren Balterman

The 1 day intensive where we take your business expansion idea and create the plan to make it reality...


Remember when you used to spend all day dreaming up big ideas for your future business? How excited you got at the prospect of bringing them to life?


Well, now you’re running a business. Congratulations, you did it!


Except that when you’re leading a team, and serving your customers, who has time for dreaming?


You have brilliant ideas that can generate more income and help more people - but they keep getting pushed to the back burner because you’re out of time to make them happen.


Imagine if you had a clear plan to take those ideas from your mind into reality?


Welcome to Strategic Sprint.


In this private program with Kelsea, you’ll go from wishing you knew how to execute your ideas to having a clear plan of action that works for your business AND your life. 


Kelsea travels to your city or meets you virtually to create your personal plan for growth. In addition, you receive a full month of continued messaging support as you implement your new plan.


Refine and clarify your idea into a well-designed concept that aligns with your vision.​


Identify resources and develop a strategy that includes all necessary parts of the business.

Create your actionable plan with clear steps for you and your team to follow.

That burning desire for expansion and greater impact doesn’t go away, it just gets louder. Either you can continue to hope that one day you will figure out how to make it happen and possibly never create the impact that you are meant for, or you can take a strategic sprint to the finish.


After just one day you’ll have a  clear plan to expand your business and bring your ideas to life. Then you’ll be on the path to becoming an industry leader and creating impact that will ripple into many generations to follow.

"I grew up in an environment where rest was a foreign concept. Because of Kelsea, I am working 5.5 - 7 hours a day, no evenings and no weekends, which feels INCREDIBLE. The quarter after we wrapped up coaching, I hit the highest revenue I've ever had by almost double. I am working less, playing weekly - ice skating, running, beach, coloring - living life and enjoying it."

- Stephanie Lopez

If you own a business, you want two things: continued growth for a bigger impact and time-freedom to do more of what you love. We are going to build that for you.


Controlled by your calendar

Stressed and stretched thin

Buried in your day-to-day operations




Most people think you can’t have both, so they sacrifice one for the other. As business owners this means you are prioritizing things that drive your revenue higher and your impact wider at the expense of your time with family or for yourself.


Chaos, reactivity, and overwhelm doesn’t have to be your norm.The truth is, you can have continued growth without losing yourself or your relationships in the process. 

What if you knew you could continue to succeed financially, provide for your family and build a legacy…


While also having the freedom to build out your big ideas that are collecting dust, spend more time with your family and do more of what you love?


Working privately with Kelsea, you’ll go from being controlled by your work, calendar, and responsibilities to having control of your life and business. This is your opportunity to build the next level of success in your business without sacrificing your well-being, quality of life or relationships.

What Does Private Consulting Look Like?

First, Kelsea travels to your city where you’ll spend a full day auditing and building out next steps for your business using her custom VIP Business Assessment. 


After your all-day intensive, you’ll receive 6 months of ongoing support via virtual calls, back-pocket weekday access, and a complimentary ticket to her bi-annual retreat.

This process has saved countless female founders from overwhelm so they can continue to grow their businesses and make a significant impact.


"That burning desire to grow your business? It doesn't go away. 


But overwhelmed leaders are bad leaders, and bad leaders don't make a big impact.


Let's build a clear plan to expand your business, increase your bottom line, make a difference, and finally experience freedom."

Due to high demand this program is currently full, but when spots become available the waitlist gets first access. Book a discovery call today to secure your chance to work with Kelsea.

"My income increased 20%, we were able to bring on 2 new full-time team members during this time. I am less stressed overall, workflow is functioning with ease, I am getting recognition within and outside my industry. I feel more confident. I always know I have exactly what I need for the next level and the current struggles I may be facing. A confident leader is crucial for a business to survive."

- Jess Escalona

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