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The VIP Day

This immersive in-person full day session is tailored to address your most pressing needs through a strategic business assessment and clarity-driven road map.

For the busy mom entrepreneur that needs clarity and a clear plan of action to create further growth and stop getting buried in the day-to-day.


You're treading water and using all your time and energy to get through the day, between motherhood and the demands of your business, the mental load is weighing on you.


You need a clear plan to continue scaling the business in a more sustainable way, because what you've built is stealing too much time away from your family and leaving you with nothing to give at the end of the day.


Inside The VIP Day built specifically for Mom Founders & Entrepreneurs we pull back the curtain and create solutions for the changes you've been avoiding.


We are looking at the foundational pieces that are directly connected to the longevity and sustainability of your business;

  •  Your CEO Schedule to create work-life separation.

  • Your Leadership to improve your team communications, retention and growth.

  • Your Brand to ensure alignment with your values and create higher visibility.

  • Your Services & Offers to set you up for higher sales and profitability.

  • Your Team to identify areas of support that are needed and create clarity on roles across the team.

  • Your Marketing efforts to bring in more leads through new avenues.

  • Your Client Retention to sustain a great customer experience and higher level of referrals.

  • Your Processes to create streamlined and clear procedures across the business. 

The Proven Method

  1. Assess - Before we dive into changes for your business, I assess your current business from the top down. My in-depth VIP Business Assessment gives me the clarity to see what has to change to create sustainable success. 

  2. Audit - In a full day together we dive into 8 key areas of your business and create solutions to fill gaps, optimize your day-to-day, and set you up for continued growth. I give you clear action steps on what needs to change, and how to change it.

  3. AccelerateAfter getting the clarity and relief you need, it’s time to put the plan into action. As you are implementing changes into your business, I am in your back pocket for additional questions, guidance and support to keep you moving forward.


What’s included:

  • In-person full day 9am-5pm with Kelsea, local to you.

  • A VIP Day Roadmap with clear actions for each area of your business.

  • A full month of text and voice support through Voxer to have all your questions answered and further support as you implement changes.

​*If there are private spaces available you have the option of continued coaching with Kelsea as well.

“After working with Kelsea for our VIP day, I'm already so much more knowledgeable about my business and goals than I've been at any point in my business ownership. She really started me on a path that I know I'm going to be proud of for all of the right reasons. Ive never had someone to go to for the types of issues that go on within my small business, it's always just been me on my own trying to figure it out. That worked for a little bit but in order to generate the type of financial stability I'm looking for, I knew I needed help but also had a hard time with trusting people with my business. Kelsea more than exceeded my expectations and I'm already implementing some of her suggestions the very next day. I 100% recommend working with Kelsea because if she can get my business back on track in a day, I'm so excited to see what comes long term.”

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