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Emboldened Power and Embodied Authenticity With Kelsea Koenreich

The Rising Feminine Collective

With Nina Petruzzo

In this episode Nina is joined by Kelsea Koenreich, inspiring mama and CEO, to dive into an expansive conversation on embracing your unique essence and embodying your divine frequency. Kelsea shares the power of owning your story (even when it’s messy) and sharing it to inspire others. She discusses the importance of shedding your doubts and limitations to unleash your potential and rise in the fullness of who you are.


”Whatever the thing is, that you feel "Oh, I might fail" can also be the same step that accelerates you to places you never thought you could go.” Kelsea Koenreich


Here’s some of what Nina and Kelsea share during this sacred exchange.


  • Kelsea’s transformative story and how she was able to navigate from she was to where she is today as a mom, business owner, author, and more

  • What is freedom? - Experiencing it in different areas { Mentally, Spiritually, and physically} and how it looks different for everyone

  • Fully rising from shame + releasing judgment - How this creates a successful life &  business for us all

  • Emboldened power and embodied authenticity


From nightly binge drinking and three arrests to author, speaker, successful entrepreneur, wife, and mom of 3, Kelsea Koenreich brings a new level of power into the room to help women step into and reach the potential that was meant for them. She teaches women how to build true freedom by identifying gaps and utilizing emotional intelligence to align and optimize their businesses and lives. She brings a unique perspective that allows people to move faster, recreate who they desire to be, and become the most successful version of themselves.


She specializes in working with CEOs and entrepreneurs to rise to a new level themselves and create the vision they hold not just for the business, but for themselves. She believes more freedom, more money, and more power is available to every woman. Her life’s purpose is leading and creating paths for women to see what’s possible and inviting them along for the ride.

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