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Transforming your Trajectory with Kelsea Koenreich

In this episode of Conversations with Pearl Podcast, host Pearl is joined by strategic business coach Kelsea Koenreich.


Kelsea recounts her transformation from a troubled past involving drug abuse and arrests to becoming a successful coach for moms and entrepreneurs. She emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, accountability, and making life-altering choices. Pearl resonates with Kelsea's journey, sharing her own experiences and the transition from weight loss to life coaching.


Together, they discuss redefining success, the holistic approach to coaching, and the significance of addressing deeper issues for sustainable change.


Kelsea also stresses the importance of self-care and balance, while Pearl introduces "Better Questions, Better Life" cards to inspire listeners to pursue their heart's desires and make a positive impact.


Kelsea's journey from self-destruction to transformation
• The impact of childhood experiences on Kelsey's struggles with self-worth and self-compassion

• Kelsea's realization and choice to change her life after a rock bottom moment
• The process of rebuilding life after release from jail, including seeking help and making significant changes
• Pearl's resonance with Kelsey's journey and emphasis on self-worth and self-compassion
• The importance of surrounding oneself with supportive and positive influences
• The complexities of personal transformation, including self-awareness, accountability, and making significant changes
• Kelsea and Pearl's personal journeys of self-discovery and transformation
• The significance of addressing deeper issues and creating long-term solutions in coaching
• Kelsea and Pearl's emphasis on the importance of challenging belief systems, evolving as individuals, and creating strategic solutions for personal and professional growth.

As a young adult, Kelsea Koenreich was on a path to self- destruction culminating in multiple arrests. Through intentional self-awareness and change she completely transformed her trajectory.

Today, as a motivational speaker on shame, resilience, and professional balance, Kelsea is also a thriving business owner and the author of "Below the Surface: A Confidence-Building Framework to Reach Your Goals Without Overwhelm." Her insights, derived from her unique journey, have been highlighted on numerous television shows and podcasts. Kelsea is passionate about helping professionals navigate the complexities of modern leadership and find balance amidst chaos.

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