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The Importance Of  Your Relationship with Yourself, Spouse and Employees

Stroke it Guide Podcast

Kelsea and I talk about the importance of your relationship with yourself, spouse and employees. This podcast I geared to women or men that are working their passion that may need a boost in strategy. Kelsea specializes in strategy: auditing your time, creating boundaries, when to say no, reducing clutter, and doing tasks that allow you to thrive.

We sometimes get weighed down by others and tasks that don’t allow us to reach our full potential personally and professionally.

Married? Us too. We get it being a parent and/or spouse can be demanding of your time. How do you maintain Intimacy and connection? Kelsea shares a few tips for you.

Employees are the back bone and the front line of your business. How you treat and engage employees matters to the overall experience for all; customers, team members and leaders.

I challenge you to begin creating the life you want today. Not tomorrow. Define what you want and then a plan. Kelsea and I would love to help you.


Born in Texas and now living in Florida, Kelsea has been an entrepreneur since 2012 and dedicated her life to creating a massive impact in the world. From nightly binge-drinking and three arrests to author, speaker, successful entrepreneur, wife and mom of 3, her story is proof of what is possible for anyone. After living a life with no intention in her days she went on a quest to find her true purpose and start living a life with intention instead of merely showing up. She believes in setting standards that align with who you want to be and the life you want to live. She shows clients that you don’t have to put your personal well-being or the people you love on the back burner in the pursuit of success or greater impact. She teaches established business leaders to make a significant impact in their career without sacrificing themselves or their relationships.

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