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The CEO Intensive

This 2-hour tactical session is focused on bringing you full clarity for a specific area of your business that feels inefficient, creating a current clog in your potential success.

For the CEO Mama needing a fresh set of expert eyes to identify what needs to shift in a specific area of your business to create forward momentum.


You know that something needs to change, but you are either out of time or too deep in the business to know exactly how to change it. 

This action-focused session gives you the opportunity to bring your obstacle to the table....And let me fix it.

These are example areas clients are bringing to optimize and refine;

  • THE CEO SCHEDULE: You are out of time, juggling motherhood and business and barely holding on. This gives you a brand new refined schedule that creates work-life separation and brings back your sanity so you can be a more effective leader.

  • LEADERSHIP & TEAM DEVELOPMENT: You have a team, but something is off. They aren't meeting expectations, you feel frustrated and resentful and you are exhausted from all the management. This session gives you tactical steps to create better team culture, open communications and reduce team turn over. Together we can ensure you have the right people in the right roles, and the right structure for your business.

  • SERVICES & OFFER SUITE: Your services are selling, but you either aren't retaining clients or you don't have a full client journey built for them. This is an in-depth look at your offerings to ensure they make sense for your client and the longevity of your business. Together we can realign your services to increase profitability, create greater client experience and reduce churn.

  • EFFICIENCY & SUSTAINABILITY: You know that the way you are running your business is working for your revenue but draining your energy and overwhelming your team. In this session we look at the business through the lens of longevity to make sure your processes and procedures are efficient and sustainable. This creates great clarity for your team and removes pressure, urgency and overwhelm so the business is set up for sustainability.

We spend 2 hours together virtually creating sustainable solutions for your problem area and you receive one week of back pocket access to me as you are implementing changes.

Post session you will also receive a roadmap with action steps for your clear path forward.

“She listened and offered me space, while using skillful implementation and taking immediate action. Something that likely would have taken me a month to organize, took her 20 minutes. Working with Kelsea left me the freedom to stay in my creative flow while she helped introduce structure to my business.”

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