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Setting Boundaries: Saying 'No' to Overcommitment for a Balanced Life

Kelsea Koenreich

Tears streamed down my face. 

My firstborn was just four months old, and I found myself crippled by overwhelm. 

The guilt of wanting to work clashed with my desire to be fully present for my child. 

I felt hopeless, defeated, and unsure if I could ever blend my two worlds seamlessly.

As female founders and women entrepreneurs, we strive to excel in our businesses, support our teams, and show up for our families.

But perfectionism, people-pleasing and our high-achieving personalities  often lead us to say 'yes' to every request, spreading ourselves thin in the process.

The struggle with overcommitment is real, and it took me to a breaking point before I realized that something had to change. 

I knew I couldn't continue sacrificing myself if I wanted to succeed long-term.

That's when I discovered how to set boundaries, and actually hold them, in a way that promotes success – instead of slowing us down.

If you’re struggling with overcommitment, being a ‘Yes Woman’ and saying ‘no’ gracefully – this week’s video is for you.

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