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Kelsea Koenreich Coaching 1:1

A transformational experience for the business-owner who is deeply committed to her personal and professional growth. Inside private mentorship we walk together to transform the way you lead and live. This is where we develop you as the CEO, create strategy and steps that create expansion for the business, and co-create your unique path that inspires your legacy. Inside is a blend of powerful momentum creating actions with a new perspective that will change the trajectory of your business and invite you into a seat of power you haven't felt before.

The place for powerful women CEO’s to continue their path towards the bigger vision for their business while also creating more peace, presence and fulfillment for their lives. This is where your leadership is brought to a new level, you expand the revenue being generated and you deepen your relationships with yourself and the people you love. It is an intimate, personalized experience that gives you the roadmap for where you desire to go as you become the most powerful version of yourself.

Kelsea Koenreich Coaching PowHer United
Kelsea Koenreich Coaching Freedom Collective

A space for high-achieving business owners who are developing and growing their businesses and desire a solid foundation to build on along with strategy for consistent growth. This is where your unique strategy for the business is built as you develop boundaries to maintain work-life balance and gain clarity on how to expand your revenue. Alongside strategic steps for the business, your momentum, confidence and power as a woman increases to create sustainability and long-term success.

A free monthly meeting for powerful women to join arms in stepping into their potential as a CEO. If you’re ready to scale your business, expand your leadership, and gain clarity & insights on your next level in business, this space is for YOU. Join us for mindset shifts and expert guidance in creating & navigating your FREEDOM as a CEO. *(virtual & in-person options available)

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