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Private 1:1 Partnership

This high-touch point strategic coaching delivers maximum thought-partnership and tactical guidance that puts business owners back in control of their lives & leadership.

For the established Mom Entrepreneur craving time-freedom, flexibility, peace and presence.

You’ve built financial freedom to provide an extraordinary life for your family, but between your business responsibilities and motherhood – you can barely catch your breath.

You are treading water and you need more than just a blow-up raft or a band-aid approach to stay afloat.

You need a strategic plan of action to change the way you lead, optimize the operations of your business, and create structure for your life.

You need a thought partner that will call you out, to call you up and hold you accountable to becoming the leader and woman you are meant to be.

Private 1:1 Partnership is a full 12-month experience for established business women running a profitable business. My partnership is tailored to women who are currently mothers or have a desire to be mothers while continuing to run their businesses.

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Our Plan of Action:

1. Clear The Clutter - For instant relief from the pressure and overwhelm we will assess and audit the business with The VIP Day to clear out what isn’t working and what is keeping you stuck.

2. Sustainable Solutions - After identifying the gaps and inefficiencies across your business operations and structure we create solutions that are anchored in longevity to continue building success that won’t bury you.

3. Uncover the Unseen - Now that we’ve built in space and breathing room to enjoy your life and time with people you love, we innovate and develop the big ideas that are connected with your greater potential to scale the business to new heights.

What's Included:

The VIP Day - a full day in-person session to create your initial steps and give you instant relief.

Virtual Coaching Sessions - 2 calls a month for strategic guidance, thought partnership, expansion planning and problem-solving.

Back pocket access - in a 1:1 text and voice app with Kelsea for problem-solving, celebrations, accountability and thought-provoking conversations.


The Founders Circle Retreat - a 4-night retreat to give you a break from the day-to-day, connect you with a network of other established women, refill your cup and open your eyes to new possibilities.

The Founders Circle Community Call - a monthly call with all of my private clients to share resources, problem solve, create big ideas and build deeper relationships with women who get it.

Plus, The Founders Circle Community Group Chat - where we celebrate wins weekly and further your connections with this high-powered network of women.

To begin your partnership, you have two options;

fill out my partnership application and we will contact you, or set up a call and meet with Kelsea to determine your best path forward.

“In the short 4 months since hiring Kelsea as my business coach, the leaps l've made in my business have been invaluable. Kelsea has a gift of finding the REAL issues that are stunting growth in your business while also enhancing the very real demand and dynamic of your personal life. I'm excited to continue my thought partnership with Kelsea while having her expert eye on my blind spots. Any CEO would be lucky to have her as part of their network.”

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