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You Don't Have To Sacrifice. You Can Have It All!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Not only am I tired of it, but I am done with it.

This idea of having to choose between ourselves or family, our work or our children, what we love or responsibilities….It’s falling victim to sacrifice. This idea of “sacrifice” is an old belief that is ingrained in us…

“You can’t have it all - you have to choose.”⁣

And so you proceed with caution, when an opportunity arises your first thought is - what will I have to lose?⁣ You sit in a seat of POWERLESSNESS.⁣ And that isn’t the seat you are meant for, CEO.⁣

You are told you only have so much space, time and energy - and this has been taught in a way that limits us instead of seeing it as a way to EXPAND.⁣

The belief that you have to choose one thing over another is rooted in scarcity and a doubt of you being worthy of having both.⁣

The belief that you can’t be a fully present mother and a leader in your industry is a belief that I will no longer stand for.⁣

I’m here to disrupt the idea that one thing has to take away from another. ⁣

When you sit in the seat of powerlessness, you feed into the belief that you can only succeed at one thing… or work on one area at a time…⁣

That is why you still feel that desire of MORE.⁣

⁣That is why no matter how much higher you climb, it never feels like enough.⁣

⁣That is why you bury yourself in work to distract yourself from the guilt you feel as a mother.⁣

⁣That is why you answer emails outside of your work hours and can’t fully detach from your phone.⁣

You know you’re meant for something bigger. You WANT to do and BE MORE.⁣ And you can.⁣

You can successfully wear multiple hats, be present for your children AND be fully present for your clients, wildly commit to your business and your health and build revenue and deepen relationships.⁣

Don’t let the fear, the expectation of tradition, or the external pressure win. You don’t need to be held back. You need the permission to run wild.

And here it is, in case you need it: This is your permission to embrace your power within to create a ripple effect that lasts generations.

You get to be in THE place to be fully supported and held as the multi-faceted human you are.⁣

Solid Strategy + Deep Heart. Mentorship + Sisterhood does exist. And I am so excited to share it with you.

If you have been craving a space where you and your business no longer have to make sacrifices, join PowHER United. A master-mind for the established business owner ready to wear all the damn hats, because you were made for this.

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.

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