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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Will You Freeze or Fly?

Fear caps your potential, it keeps you small - telling you that moving from where you are will be too hard, too heavy, too far… too big.

Fear lures you in under the false pretense of ensuring your safety…

If you don’t step into uncertainty…

If you don’t move…

You will be safe.

But there is no safety in smallness, only a dead end that leaves you feeling empty and isolated. One of the greatest qualities you can possess to expand your impact is never being too afraid to TRY.

The appeal of becoming fearless makes sense, fear is the one thing standing between most people and getting where they want to go.

What’s been forgotten in this quest to become fearless is that - fear is a feeling. It is an emotion that is rooted in a belief. And eliminating an emotion is an unrealistic goal.

We’ve been conditioned to suppress emotions or try to replace them with other ones. But the only way out is through.

You cannot become fearless.

Fear is a necessary emotion that is in place to protect you, it means well… but sometimes you see things as dangerous, that actually aren’t.

When you choose your legacy over fear, you give yourself the opportunity to see what is possible. And you invite others to do the same.

The failures that will one inevitably come are worth it, because you will hold lessons that increase the value of your leadership.

And you will get up and try again.

Because when you consistently choose your legacy over fear - you will always be willing to TRY. The only difference between the version of you now and the version of you that you dream of being, is the choice to no longer let fear dictate how you move.

You can change what causes fear by giving yourself the opportunity to walk through it. And this is only possible when you see that fear lives in the room, recognize that it’s there, and proceed forward anyway.

This is the goal, and this is what makes you not fearless - but unstoppable.

The question you get to ask yourself each day is, will you freeze… or will you FLY?

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.

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