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  • Kelsea Koenreich

What No One Told You About Being An Entrepreneur!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

I bet nobody told you this…

When you stepped into entrepreneurship, you stepped in for freedom and to stop being limited by the rules of your previous workplace.

You wanted more time with the people you love, to make more money, work from anywhere and proudly wear that title of CEO.

But after the initial excitement wears off, you’ve hustled your way towards or past 6-figures, you figure out that…

Entrepreneurship is lonely.

Your home becomes your office, your lunch breaks are with your dog, and the only time you are talking to another human is through your screen. You feel pulled to prioritize your work and that means date nights, time with friends… gets skipped.

Entrepreneurship is overwhelming.

You question every offer you put together, you doubt your ability to actually sell it. You feel the adrenaline rush of signing a new client and the frustration of your lowest income months when it seems like nobody is coming in. There are days you think about quitting.

Entrepreneurship is taking an oath to personal growth.

You are constantly being mirrored back at areas that need improvement, or pushed by your internal drive to keep growing. Every shift you make in your business requires digging deeper into who you are and who you want to be. I know because I’ve felt these things.

Entrepreneurship is also full of endless possibilities that are available to you. The woman you see confidently selling her offers and raising her income, it can be you. The freedom you want you can have it. The limits you want to remove you can break through them.

The business owner you are looking up to isn’t any better than you. They don't have a key or code that you don't have. It’s easy to idolize and place successful people on a pedestal, and easy to believe that they are where they are because they have something you don’t.

The only difference between them and you is the level of support they have behind them.

So instead of buying into loneliness, the chaos, and toll entrepreneurship can take on you, I ask you to think about this:

What would happen if you removed this and operated from a place of authenticity?

What if you made new connections, networked more often, and got involved with your community?

What if you asked for support and had a team behind you, motivating you every step of the way?

What if you prioritized self care to the point where putting YOU first is a common business practice?

The real truth about this journey of yours? It’s filled with endless opportunities. The choice is yours… Are you ready to stay put…..or MOVE?

(P.S. If you felt that burning desire for more when you read that last sentence, I invite you to click here + get a little taste of what MOVING really means)

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