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  • Kelsea Koenreich

The gift of putting yourself first.

During a week where love is the focus, don’t forget that regardless of your relationship status the most important person to love & take care of is YOU.

It’s easy to put yourself and the things you desire on the back burner, especially when you are running a business and taking care of all the people around you.

There will always be another meeting, task, errand, job, phone call, or email to take… but when your cup is empty - it’s empty.

The truth is, you can’t give what you don’t have.

Let the love in the air be a reminder of what you deserve.

And know that the best way to love others is by being in love with who you are and the life you are living.

You spend your time, energy and money pouring into others - it’s time to pour into YOU.

Your true happiness and potential is dependent on it, even though it feels impossible.

It’s time now to give yourself the gifts of…

  • Deep connection, being seen, heard and understood with new friendships.

  • Joy without the limits of time or being tied to your responsibilities.

  • Freedom to rest, create, and build new energy that gives momentum for the future.

  • Breaking through the personal and professional developments that are holding you back from your potential.

  • Meeting the version of yourself that is leading powerfully from the front.

The PowHER Retreat is the space for ambitious, high-achieving business owners to leave your responsibilities at the door and rise to a new level of leadership with high level conversations, inspiring conversations and invigorating clarity.

If you have the desire to grow personally and professionally, this is the experience for you.

Come FILL your cup so that you can lead effectively, love more, enhance your quality of life and everything you want to be to all the people who depend on you.

Learn more about working with Kelsea and her story here.


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