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  • Kelsea Koenreich

How to Foster Ambition and Initiative Across Your Team

Today, we're diving into how to foster more ambition and initiative in your team. This is a frequent topic with my clients because, often, it feels like no one cares about the business as much as they do. This can lead to frustration when employees don’t step up or bring new ideas.

You might find that your team doesn’t feel collaborative, with you always at the helm. This is a common issue and can make the business feel less like a team effort. So, let's explore how to foster a more collaborative, creative environment.

I had a client with a successful wellness practice facing this issue. Her employees did their jobs but didn't go beyond that. They completed their tasks but lacked initiative. She empowered them with tools and tactics, but nothing changed. 

In these situations, we need to examine both the structural aspects of the business and the leadership.

Aligning Expectations and Empowering Growth

First, reflect on your expectations. It's natural to want others to be as invested as you are, but this expectation isn't realistic. Employees won’t necessarily share your level of passion or initiative. You need to accept that and understand their perspectives.

For instance, different roles have different measures of success. For an operations person, growth might mean efficiency improvements, not revenue increases. Understanding these different perspectives helps align expectations.

Next, consider your hiring process. Focus on character and resilience, not just skills and experience. Ask questions that reveal how candidates solve problems and communicate. This helps ensure you're hiring people who can grow with your business.

Once someone is on your team, have open conversations about what growth means to them. Align their vision with your business goals. This creates a mutual understanding and fosters collaboration.

Empowering your team is crucial. Instead of constant criticism, recognize their strengths and provide constructive feedback. This builds their self-confidence, which is essential for ambition. For example, delegate responsibilities and trust them with tasks. This gives them a sense of ownership and importance.

Additionally, ensure you’re not micromanaging. Allow your team to struggle and learn. This builds their problem-solving skills and confidence. Support them through challenges rather than taking over.

Ways to Empower Your Team

  1. Reflect on your expectations and adjust them.

  2. Focus on character and resilience in hiring.

  3. Have open conversations about growth.

  4. Empower your team with responsibility.

  5. Avoid micromanaging and let them learn from struggles.

By fostering a supportive and empowering environment, you can encourage your team to take more initiative and contribute creatively to your business.

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