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  • Kelsea Koenreich

Embodying My Lifelong Intention

I didn’t know I was capable of that.

As I’ve started to come back down to earth from the HIGH of facilitating my retreat, I’ve been reflecting and processing the experience.

I went into the retreat with no expectations, I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself, so the added expectations were something I intentionally didn’t have.

I had no idea how I would be seen, what the ladies would feel, or if they would even be happy.

But on the first night, everything became apparent to me.

I watched each woman open, share, cry, yell, laugh and go deeper — and that set the tone for the entire retreat.

What I realized is, I’ve always had the intention to create safe spaces for people to transform (because sometimes it’s not “high vibe” or pretty) but when there’s a computer screen between you, it’s different.

Being in the room, and feeling their energy, witnessing them crack wide open within hours of meeting each other — I felt like I achieved a lifetime goal.

I truly didn’t know if I was capable of creating such an intimate space for people to evolve, grow, bond, and transform….Until now.

I feel so proud to see my intentions come to life, and to know the women that come into my world aren’t here for surface level bullshit. They want real change so they can be the changemakers and facilitate that for others, too.

I started the retreat as one woman, and reached a new level of leadership I didn’t know existed. And it was just further embodiment of what I teach.

There are parts of you that you haven’t seen yet, you probably don’t have full awareness of what she looks like or how she moves in the world… but she’s there.

When you give yourself the opportunity to do it scared, put yourself in the room, lead the movement you haven’t led before… you get to meet her.

Whatever is on your heart to create, do or be…it’s there for a reason and until you put yourself in the position to feel and see all that’s possible for you, you’ll never know what you are capable of.

Take the leap, step into the experience, say yes even when you’re scared — the next evolution of you is waiting.

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