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You know how to work HARDER,
now it’s time to work SMARTER.

Step into The Ultimate Circle for Creating Freedom and Flexibility
in Your Business For Bigger Impact Without The Overwhelm.

Are You a CEO Mama Who is Stretched Thin and Ready to Run Your Business Without Constant Overwhelm?

You’ve built a successful business with the hopes of fulfilling your biggest and most important goal of all:

being a really good mom.

But the demands of your business have taken a toll on your time and your ability to fully engage with your family. 

You’re hitting revenue goals, but it feels empty with the endless demands that require your attention.

Between managing your home and your business… you feel like you are treading water and need the space to breathe.


You know it’s time to do
things differently.

If only there was a way to increase your professional success while working less hours…

You know, one that doesn’t leave you constantly feeling anxious, stressed or reactive, but rather confident, clear and back in control?

Spoiler alert… There is! And my clients have been doing it for years.

“I now have the tools, steps and knowledge to make the time for what’s important to me, not allow work to overwhelm me and stress me out, and to implement the things I need to put in place to live the life I want to live. I feel lighter, smarter, wiser, clearer, and more sure of my potential and the possibilities that lie ahead.”


“This was one of the very best personal and business investments I’ve ever made. Literally life changing.”

Introducing The Mom Founders Inner Circle

The official privately-led business program and retreat specifically built for mother entrepreneurs and female founders like you.

I’m going to teach you how to structure and run your business so that you can enjoy the freedom you wanted when you started years ago.


Here’s what it looks like when you join this comprehensive 12-month program:

  • Two Monthly Teaching and Coaching Calls: Get personalized guidance and actionable strategies from a mother that’s been in your shoes.

  • A Private Community: To counter the outsider opinions and “how’s your little business going” comments, this space lets you connect with women who are in the

  • same boat to share experiences and support each other’s growth.

  • A 3-Night Retreat: A business mom’s dream fantasy getaway - this transformative experience allows you to  recharge, refocus, and plan your next big move…distraction-free.

  • The Signature Mom Founder Method: Strategies and habits specifically designed for mom entrepreneurs by a mom entrepreneur that you can implement to decrease stress and increase productivity.

Here’s what other Mom Founders are saying:


“I am happier with my life in general and smile and laugh more than I did before. I was far too consumed in my business to even enjoy my free time and I have seen positive changes in my relationship since modifying when I work and not bringing work home with me. The business has continued to grow in both collections and staff members even with working less hours.”

“I had the highest quarter I've ever had by almost double, including the highest revenue month I've ever had while working less! I am now at the point where I am working 5.5 - 7 hours a evenings and no weekends, which feels INCREDIBLE.”

Your Year in a Glimpse…

The 12-month transformation starts in September and will be divided into three phases: ORGANIZE, LEAD, and SCALE. This curriculum is based on my repeatable format proven to prevent overwhelm.

Phase 1: Organize


Let’s Marie Kondo your business!

Learn the CEO process for creating more breathing room and eliminating the things that don’t bring you joy to build a 4-day workweek that you can feel confident about.


This looks like:


  • CEO Schedule & Personal Routines

  • Standards & Boundaries

  • Team Structure & Service/Offer Audit

  • Business Processes & Procedures

Phase 2: Lead


Take the steps for changing how the inside of your business operates to create a collaborative (and comfortable) work environment that your team is hyped to be a part of. 

This looks like: 


  • Values & Vision

  • Hiring, Interviewing, Onboarding

  • Training & Team Culture

  • Delegation & Communication

Phase 3: Scale


Uncover the secrets to channeling your magic skillset to make a bigger impact, without adding more hours.

This looks like: 


  • Creating New Aligned & Sustainable Offers

  • Increasing Visibility & Widening Impact

  • Strategic Growth Planning

  • Assessing & Auditing


Ready to Experience the Best of Both Worlds?

Mom Founder Inner Circle women get to experience a life-changing retreat designed to recharge and inspire you.

Because, moms who work as hard as you deserve to fill their cups, too.

Don’t miss this opportunity to reclaim your time, enhance your leadership, and achieve a balance that allows you to thrive both at work and at home.

Enter your details in the form to join the waitlist and take the first step towards a more balanced, fulfilling life.

Join the Waitlist

Join by June 23th to receive $6000 off & A 1:1 Clarity Kick-Off Call With Kelsea

*Check your spam/junk folder as sometimes emails end up over there!

Of course, you can continue living on the hamster wheel and always staying clocked in if that works for you, Mama.


You will keep moving, but not in the direction you truly want to.

OR, you can take the leap and learn how to create the sustainable balance that gives you back your time - and your confidence - so you can be fully present with your family while still moving your business towards your goals.

Why Join the Mom Founders Inner Circle Waitlist?

The waitlist not only keeps you in the know about this upcoming program, but it also gets you these

limited-time perks:

  • Special Discounts: Save $6000 by joining the waitlist and applying by June 23rd.

  • Early Access: Be the first in line when enrollment opens, ensuring you secure your spot in this exclusive program.

  • Exclusive Insights: Receive a 1:1 Clarity Kick-Off Call with Kelsea to get clear on your first steps.
    ($2k Value)

Kelsea-8 (1).jpg

The Mom Founders Inner Circle was MADE for you if you desire:

Having the freedom to truly step away from work, knowing your business will continue to thrive. 

Feeling present, connected, and at peace with every aspect of your life.

Vacations without your laptop and a team who problem-solves without you, all while generating greater impact.

Hurry! Waitlist Enrollment opens on June 23, 2024

Spaces are limited, and the waitlist ensures you don’t miss out.

What Happens Next?

  1. Add Your Info to The Waitlist Form
    This reserves your spot on the waitlist and secures your bonuses.


  2. Fill Out the Application to Be Reviewed:
    To ensure you we are the best fit and can meet your personalized goals, we ask that you apply for the program


  3. Secure Your Spot on June 23rd 2024: 
    Secure your place in our program and begin your transformative journey.

DSC02015 (2).jpg

Don’t let the business you built trap you. Gain the freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment you deserve. Join our waitlist today and start your journey towards a balanced, impactful life.


“This has been a really great experience and coaching relationship with exactly the kind of support I've needed.”

Kelsea-4 (1).jpg

Why Choose Kelsea to Guide You?

  • Empathy and Authority: She’s been where you are,
    and understands the challenges you face. With a proven track record of coaching hundreds of founders and entrepreneurs, she’s here to get you where you want to go.

  • Deep Thought Partnership: Her approach goes beyond strategy and tactics. She builds a partnership based on respect, care, and a deep understanding of your unique needs.

  • Holistic Success: Her program ensures that your relationships are strengthened, you feel confident in your leadership, and you gain clarity in your direction.


Need some immediate relief for your overwhelm?

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