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Kelsea Koenreich Presents:


The exclusive 12-month business leadership program for growing and scaling as a CEO, with the freedom and flexibility of a fully-present mother.


You didn’t start a business to be stuck in another 9-5, life sucking J•O•B.

You pictured yourself having Fridays off and clocking out by 3 p.m. on workdays by now. 


It’d be really nice to be able to RSVP “Yes” to all of the family trips you’ve planned inside your head.

Instead, here you are, several years in:

Juggling a million and one things without ever feeling like there’s enough time to get everything done.


Dreading looking at your booked-out calendar, and time for yourself or being fully present with family keeps sliding to the back burner.

Waking up tired and scatterbrained, jumping straight into work and taking care of everyone else.

Hitting revenue goals, but not hitting core memories with your closest loved ones.


…And all of this has left you feeling overwhelmed and underfulfilled, just like the job you left for this ‘dream’.

Here’s a thought:

Normalizing the “just surviving” mom entrepreneur, hustle mode narrative has convinced us that doing it all, all the time is THE power move for becoming - and staying - successful.

*ahem* It’s not.

But, breaking these patterns is easier said than done, especially  when most coaching programs out there aren’t designed to help established mom founders make that change.

What you need is high-touch support and guidance *and-give-it-to-you-straight-energy* from a mama who’s not going to waste your time and gives you the DIRECT PATH to growth.

Yep, I remember those days.

When I’d wake up and immediately start checking and responding to emails, stay up late to get more work done, say no to fun activities during the “work week”, drink cups of caffeine to try to overcome my brain fog…


…oh and constantly yell at my kids because I was exhausted.


The mom guilt was piling on like a teetering game of Jenga and I was standing on top of the edge, holding my breath. My marriage was the piece dangling, barely keeping the tower straight.

Until I woke up and realized I was missing my LIFE, the one I was working so hard to have.

I realized that to make an impact in the world, I had to live with intention, overcome my self-destructive behaviors and challenge the ingrained thoughts in my head.


It took 12 years of building my own business, scaling to 7-figures and helping hundreds of women in different industries achieve the dream of balancing freedom and a thriving business to finally — crack the code.

 And now I’m teaching mom founders and entrepreneurs like you how to expand your impact AND your time, so you can reach your greatest potential without missing out on your kids growing up.



The official 12-month, high-touch business leadership program and in-person retreat

designed specifically for mom founders and women entrepreneurs like you

The Mom Founders Inner Circle brings you my proven 3-phase process to gain control of your schedule, lead with confidence, and enjoy more family time while scaling a profitable 7-figure business.

What My Clients Say...


“This was one of the very best personal and business investments I’ve ever made. Literally life changing.”


“ I feel much less stressed about getting to where I want to be with more time freedom and being able to reach a point where we feel we can grow our family without sacrificing our business.”


“I have confidence in pursuing growth in my business, ownership of being a sole provider for our family and the ability to see things beyond my own understanding when it comes to the behind the scenes of my business.”

You were MADE to be in the Inner Circle if…

You desperately need a productive work week routine that requires less from you, so you can still have some energy left for reading bedtime stories - without leaning over to check your phone every 5 seconds.


You know you are meant to make a bigger impact in your industry, but feel stuck trying to keep up with the demands of your business to even know where to start.


Team member turn over, or a lack of team support, is making you question if there is anyone out there you can actually trust to help you build your dream


You don't want to be another member of the toxic mommy, wine-drinking culture and want to surround yourself with other moms who get it and are doing big things in the world.


"I'm taking a CEO day for myself!"  <— Would be *real* nice to say on a weekly basis.  


You’re OVER the financial freedom chase. You need your systems and team to do the heavy lifting with operations, so you can focus on your vision for making more impactand then log off at the end of the day.

What My Clients Say...


“I am happier with my life in general and smile and laugh more than I did before. I was far too consumed in my business to even enjoy my free time and I have seen positive changes in my relationship since modifying when I work and not bringing work home with me. The business has continued to grow in both collections and staff members even with working less hours.”


“I feel empowered to delegate and not feel guilty for doing so. When you do the work as long as I have, I subconsciously think I felt guilty for doing less work than the team. I feel convicted to get my business and my personal day to day involvement in the business to a place that allows me to be present with my family more. In mind, not in body.

Your year in a glimpse…

The 12-month transformation starts in September and will be divided into three phases: ORGANIZE, LEAD, and SCALE. This curriculum is based on my repeatable process  – The Mom Founders Method proven to help manage life and business with intention and confidence. 

Phase 1: Organize


If you've been overwhelmed with trying to reframe your schedule, or simply the idea of changing what’s been working scares the Hell out of you, this phase is the first step in creating a clear path that gives you relief and your time back.


Think of it as the Marie Kondo of business organization. 

You’ll learn the CEO process for creating more breathing room and eliminating the things that don’t ‘bring you joy’ to build a 4-day workweek that gives you the space to finally scale your biggest ideas while living a present life you’re in control of.​

This looks like:


  • My expert support in helping you create a personalized CEO schedule and daily routines that revolve around YOUR life so you can work less and finally pencil in that much-needed massage.

  • Setting standards & boundaries to have clarity for delegating out tasks - and to stop repeating yourself over and over and over again.

  • A full team structure & service/offer audit to help uncover the gaps that are keeping you from hitting your next $$$ goals. 

  • A massive clean-up of your current business processes & procedures -  the “plumbing your pipes” process to make for a clear and consistent operations flow that never fails.

Phase 2: Lead


When you take the steps for changing how the inside of your business operates and creating a collaborative (and comfortable) work environment to lead your business, and also step away when needed,  with confidence.

This looks like: 

  • How to create your own “CEO Guidebook” to keep your values & vision at the forefront and stay aligned with your goals.


  • My framework for hiring, interviewing and onboarding to eliminate the “not here for the long-run” applicants and draw in your ultimate key players.


  • Tips for building a team culture that inspires creative ideas and motivates members to work together so you can step away from the “just doing it yourself” mindset, guilt-free. 


  • How to go from being a glorified employee in your business to leading your team through stronger communication tactics and less micromanaging. 

Phase 3: Lead


Uncover the secrets to channeling your magic skill set to make a bigger impact - and more profit - without adding more hours to your plate. 

This looks like: 

  • The steps for creating new aligned & sustainable offers that drive profits, while keeping your energy parked comfortably in the (preferably air-conditioned) garage.

  • Increasing visibility & widening your impact through a clear schedule that keeps your foot on the gas without running into the “stop and go” decision fatigue traffic jams.

  • The Tesla-level strategy growth plan to help you delegate with ease to a team you can trust, so you can focus on your dream as your business runs on autopilot. 

  • Assessing & auditing to make sure all gears and systems are running properly, so you prevent burnout from ever happening again.

What My Clients Say...


And, because moms who work as hard as you deserve to fill their cups, too, you’ll also be joining us for:


Mom Founders Inner Circle women get to experience a life-changing retreat designed to recharge and inspire you. 


As a mom, you probably understand the loneliness that comes with being a full-time mom and entrepreneur. 


It’s hard to make connections - Having the right women around you, who don’t waste time husband shaming or drinking their stress away, and instead uplift each other and their businesses, will make the biggest difference in your growth. 


THIS is what we experience at the Mom Founders Retreat.

This 3-night, in-person business retreat gives you the real-time experience and opportunity to:

  • Look at the foundational pieces that are directly connected to the longevity and sustainability of your business, while sipping coffee from a balcony with
    a view.


  • Connect with other women who share your values and are committed to making the changes they
    need to grow in business and life in a refreshing, kid-free setting.


  • Have me directly in front of you as you begin to implement your new business plan and solutions with zero interruptions. 


Get ready to hit the “OOO” auto reply on your emails, pack your bags and jump into this pool of growth and transformation!

(and also, a real pool because it’s all happening in tropical Florida!)

These moms will tell you…THIS is the circle to get into if you truly want the life your business promised you.


What My Clients Say...


I have more clarity and direction, the space and freedom to truly become a CEO, and the flexibility and freedom to plan and manage my time around my priorities and my family and to truly see and understand the value of rest and having the time and space to just be."


“I now have the tools, steps and knowledge to make the time for what’s important to me, not allow work to overwhelm me and stress me out, and to implement the things I need to put in place to live the life I want to live. I feel lighter, smarter, wiser, clearer, and more sure of my potential and the possibilities that lie ahead.”


“I had the highest quarter I've ever had by almost double, including the highest revenue month I've ever had while working less! I am now at the point where I am working 5.5 - 7 hours a evenings and no weekends, which feels INCREDIBLE.”


By all means, you can keep letting the “demands of motherhood” be the reason you stay stuck in the same cycle for another year…

Or you can picture what becoming an intentional MOM FOUNDER could look like 12 months from now:


  • Managing and delegating with ease so that you can step away and trust that your business will continue to thrive instead of worrying everything will fall apart.

  • Being a physically present and emotionally supportive partner and mother so that you are contributing to the building blocks of your most important relationships

  • Operating from a place of abundance and confidence as you step into truly leading your business and your life

What My Clients Say...


Gain control of your schedule, lead with confidence and enjoy more family time while scaling a profitable 7-figure business with the ultimate program for mom entrepreneurs.

12 months of high-touch partnership, including:

  • 2 monthly personal teaching + coaching calls  ($30,000 value)

  • Between call access private MFIC community via Slack ($24,000 value)

 3-night retreat in Q1 of 2025 ($5000 value)

BONUS: Access to all Mom Founders Method templates and resources:


  • Mom Founders Hiring Handbook ($1000 value)

  • Client Welcome Packet Template ($500 value)

  • CEO Time Management & Scheduling Guide
    ($1000 value)

  • ($1000 value)Female Founders Freedom Framework

TOTAL VALUE: $62,500

The open enrollment cost for this program is typically $27,000 PIF ($2250/month), but…

Today’s Price = $1750/month or $21,000 PIF

( Save $6,000! )

Phew, that’s a hefty investment, I know.


Well, the price needs to reflect the value people are getting from the program.


For 8 years, I’ve worked with 100+ mom entrepreneurs inside this space who were fully committed to the program and saw life-changing transformations.


And this year, with the in-person retreat to give yourself the time to step into this new side of your business, it is a no-brainer.


There’s SO MUCH transformation waiting for you on the other side of MFIC, and because my main goal is your success, I'm not afraid to hold you accountable to fulfill the goals you want to achieve, making sure you get the most for your investment. 

What's Happening Behind The Scenes
With My Clients...

Screen Shot 2024-07-09 at 9.02.05 PM.png

You’re limited on time, so I’m here to save yours.

Quick FAQs to give you more details:

Q | How do I know if I’m the right mom founder for this program?

A| You are a mama or soon-to-be mama that owns and operates an established and profitable business that is primarily serviced based, likely generating over 6-figures, and have a least one other person on your team (employee or contractor). You know there is bigger potential for revenue gain and impact and you are ambitious and committed when it comes to reaching your goals.

Q | How do I save my spot in the program?

A| Choose how you to want to invest in the program by clicking either of the payment options above to be taken to the check out page. From there, you can submit your choice of payment (if you do monthly payments, the payment will recur on the same date each month). Once payment is made, you will receive an email to join the group chat and be given access to all the Mom Founder resources!

Q | When do we go on the Mom Founders Retreat? What does this look like?

A| The retreat will happen in the first half of 2025. As a collective, you will decide the dates that work best for the group well in advance so you can plan for time off. (Don’t worry, I’ll help to ensure you can step away!) 


The retreat itself will have an outline itinerary given prior to attending – all activities are focused on helping you move the needle forward in your business, leadership and motherhood. We will have laser-focused business planning sessions, open time for collaborative conversations, as well as adventures that create greater connections to your new best mom entrepreneur friends. 

Q | My schedule is already so full, are the monthly calls just going to be another thing taking up my time?

A| Your full schedule is the problem we are alleviating when we start. 

This is why the first phase is all about bringing you relief by getting you organized. For this reason, these calls are the KEY to saving and expanding your time. 


Through my straight-foward approach and commitment to holding you accountable to your goals, you will find that your schedule becomes physically and mentally lighter. You also have a week between each call to ensure you have time to implement the changes into your business and across your team.

Q | I’ve worked with coaches in the past who couldn’t keep their promise. What makes this program different?

A| This page is full of testimonials from clients who have worked with me, and my retention rate is so high that my private spaces stay full year after year. I believe that my work speaks for itself. This isn’t because I am good at marketing, it’s because there is true change and big results happening in my clients’ businesses and lives. 


Mom Founders Inner Circle isn’t just another business program; it is an extension of my heart and a promise to my own legacy that I have to fulfill. The level of care that you receive will never make you feel like you are lost in a sea of customers. I am committed to knowing each of my clients on a level that ensures they are seen, heard and understood.

Q | When do we start and when are the virtual calls?

A| We begin the first week of September - as a collective, we will decide on the the day and time of our monthly calls (repeated the first and third week of every month) via our group Slack channel. This ensures that you can plan well ahead of time to be on the calls. 


If you ever have a scheduling conflict, you can watch the call recordings in your Google Drive folder that also holds all of your Mom Founder Resources.

I’m in the business of calling you out to call you up.

Who am I, you ask?

I’m Kelsea Koenreich - business coach, strategic thought partner, speaker and mother of 3.


And I’ve found my passion in helping established business owners to create the change they know they need for their businesses and their leadership to give them freedom, flexibility and peace. 


Because of this, my coaching and education have helped hundreds of clients, smooth-sail past 7-figures, impact more people with their work, build stronger relationships, get their time back and lead their businesses with confidence. 


All without having to bend over backward or sacrifice more of their time to make this happen.


I fully believe that strong, independent women, mothers and leaders like you can have soft and slow moments - and still be a huge freaking success.


Which is why I am dedicated to holding you accountable to become the CEO and woman you are meant to be.

Trusted by:

Education experts, physicians, agency owners, dieticians, marketers, beauty professionals, producers, authors, coaches/consultants and more.

You’ve come this far, what’s holding you back?

I get it - jumping into a coaching program sounds like 

adding more hours to your already busy schedule.


But, what you’re doing now is costing you more time that you can’t get back, is it not? 


And, TBH, you aren’t going to magically be handed more time to catch up on the moments you already feel like you’ve missed out on. 

The time is HERE and NOW.

Let me show you where your time truly lies so you can create the space to lead a business that promotes the enjoyment of your life.


Gain control of your schedule, lead with confidence and enjoy more family time while scaling a profitable 7-figure business with the ultimate program for mom entrepreneurs.

12 months of high-touch partnership, including:

  • 2 monthly personal teaching + coaching calls  ($30,000 value)

  • Between call access private MFIC community via Slack ($24,000 value)

 3-night retreat in Q1 of 2025 ($5000 value)

BONUS: Access to all Mom Founders Method templates and resources:


  • Mom Founders Hiring Handbook ($1000 value)

  • Client Welcome Packet Template ($500 value)

  • CEO Time Management & Scheduling Guide
    ($1000 value)

  • ($1000 value)Female Founders Freedom Framework

TOTAL VALUE: $62,500

The open enrollment cost for this program is typically $27,000 PIF ($2250/month), but…

Today’s Price = $1750/month or $21,000 PIF

( Save $6,000! )


Shoot me an email at — I’ve got your back.

Or, save yourself an email by simply checking out the FAQ above.

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