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Legacy Leaders Alumni

Whether you want to upgrade after a VIP Day or are entering a season of maintenance from 1:1 coaching, our legacy leaders group provides the accountability and continued community with fellow founders at a pace clients are looking for.

As a current or previous client, we value longevity and knowing all of the intricacies of your business & life. Instead of feeling forced out, we prefer if you stick around.


Many clients want to keep Kelsea in their corner to ensure they are never stuck and trying to figure it out alone. For this reason the Legacy Leaders Alumni is an easy extension from the VIP Day or Private Partnership.

We offer this to clients after completing The VIP Day or Private Partnership with Kelsea.

This service is available to current and previous clients only to apply to become a private client click below.

“Every business owner needs a coach like Kelsea in their corner.”

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