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Do You Sacrifice Yourself? With Kelsea Koenreich

Podcast with Shanice Miller

Being a mompreneur is really a struggle to find that perfect balance between being a successful entrepreneur and a present parent. Good thing, we have Kelsea Koenreich for today’s show. Kelsea's story is a remarkable exploration of the delicate balance between being a present parent and pursuing one's dreams and ambitions. She dives deep into her past, beginning with the moment she realized she was sacrificing herself and her relationships for her successful business.


She shares practical strategies to create more time and freedom in your life, including a three-phase system that clears clutter, builds sustainable solutions, and uncovers hidden potential. Join Kelsea on her inspiring journey, and discover how to rewrite your work-life balance.

Connect with Kelsea:


Discover how to balance business and parenthood, prioritize well-being, and achieve your goals by joining Kelsea on her journey of personal and professional transformation.


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