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Creating and Fostering an Ambitious Team for Greater Success

Kelsea Koenreich

Are you wishing your team took more initiative? 

If only your team was as ambitious and driven as you…

Maybe then you wouldn’t feel like the one who is constantly solving problems or coming up with creative ideas.

Today we’re exploring how to inspire initiative and creativity within your team.

The ambition we desire to see from people requires self-confidence. We can either contribute to the problem by criticizing and focusing solely on shortcomings, or we can nurture ambition by highlighting strengths while still addressing mistakes with care and constructive communication.

Tune into the @themomfounderstable podcast today to learn about…


✨ How to understand and manage your expectations of team members, recognizing that not everyone will be as ambitious or creative as you


✨ The types of conversations you need to be having with your team members to align them with the business goals


✨ What to focus on during the hiring process rather than just skills and experience to find better team members, and retain them.

Creating a truly collaborative and innovative environment takes effort and self-awareness. Let's lead with empathy, empower with trust, and watch our teams thrive! 

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