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Making Peace With the Emotional Waves of Being an Entrepreneur With Kelsea Koenreich

Big Dreams Great Teams

With Paula Maidens

In today’s episode I chat with Kelsea Koenreich, an author, speaker, Mom of 3, coach and multi-business entrepreneur who specialises in helping women scale their businesses by becoming who they are meant to be.


A self described Freedom Facilitator and Breakthrough Cultivator, Kelsea shares so much wisdom for how to juggle life and business while maintaining your sanity.

We dive into how to make peace with the inevitable emotional waves of building a business and why this is so important to your ultimate success.


Listen in to hear -

  • How to strategically build freedom into your biz and the importance of carving you own path

  • Why fear is the number one challenge for female entrepreneurs

  • The importance of normalising to neutralise when it comes to the emotional waves of running a business

  • The impact of people pleasing and perfectionism when leading a team

  • How to balance being a high performer who thrives off pressure, whilst not ignoring your emotions when the pressure is too much


So if you know it’s time for your business to feel really good and you’re ready to peel back the layers to get there, then you need Kelsea’s tips in this episode!

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